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I have never, ever, been involved with a more F----D UP outfit than this so called "Bank". I made two NSF mistakes and was dinged $5 each, Then I was, and am now, "banned" from any outside transfers in or out of my accounts!

What? Is this the way you treat grown men? What good are bank accounts you can't get into or out of? If you call the "service center" a smarmy robot voice directs you to 4 or five choices none of which are really what I need to deal with.

I wait days and days before my accounts are brought current. Everything is "pending." Unless it's NSF because I have no idea how much is in my accounts.

If I wanted to get out my old checkbook and check register why do I need USAA. On Monday I will start pulling out of this circus.

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Fair warning: most banks charge $30 or more for NSF. Good luck.

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