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A USAA insured didnt feel like waiting in traffic and drove off the shoulder of the highway and ended up t-boning our vehicle. The insured admitted to fault at the scene in front of the officer but recieved no ticket.

Our car was totaled. USAA denied it was their insured's fault and did a very lousy investigation that just included of their talk with their insured. The adjustor ignored our calls and denied everything. Then USAA called us saying they admitted to being 40% at fault and would compensate only for 40% of the vehicle's price.

We didn't agree but it was the most USAA was admitting to. They hung up the phone on us before we could arrange anything. The next day we call to verify we are told they now accept 50% of the fault and will not pay us anything for the vehicle that was claimed a total loss. We lost a vehicle, which is our main way of transportation to everything!

They refused to listen or accept anything.

This was the worst customer service I have ever seen. If I could fire them all, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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I had a similar situation where they tried to say that I was 30% at fault for an accident when their driver ran a red light and tboned me. I couldn't get them to move off the 30% so I hired this company called Cerberus Subrogation Professionals to settle the claim.

They were able to get the full damages and I didn't have to do a thing except provide them with some of the documentation. Stand up to these big insurance companies. They try to use their money to push people into taking unfair settlements.

Don't let them get away with it. Fight for your rights.


While I feel your pain, the deafening fact that the accused party DIDN'T RECEIVE A TICKET at the scene of the accident leads me to believe that they weren't actually 100% at fault. Sounds like they were 50% at fault.

And where is your insurance company's fight in this?

You've written this like what's happened is a personal attack against you. It's a car ACCIDENT. Accident's suck!

And if the police didn't feel a ticket was deserved, their insurance isn't going to stick up for you, their going to stick up for their customer.

Advice - get your insurance to pick up the other 50%, get a new car and get over it.

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