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I've had several issues with USAA, more than I'd even like to count, really. My first experience, I got into a car accident with a friend who had USAA. My hospital bills were supposed to be covered by his insurance. Turns out, I had to literally fight with them to get them to even agree to send me the paper work, let alone actually pay! I never got that paper work in the mail. Their excuse? "Well, we did send it. After it's in the mail, there's nothing we can do about it." How about you send it again? Considering the fact that it's so important, supposedly. Then, I kept getting bills once they decided it was their responsibility to pay. They said that they paid everything the hospital gave them. I sent them the bill in the mail. "Oh. I guess we didn't pay that. Our bad!" Then a month later, I guess a collections notice for the SAME BILL. I call them again. "Oh. We didn't pay for that because members of household have a $1000 deductible." (I later married the friend, btw, but that was LONG after the accident. I was not a member of his household at the time). I explained to them that I was not a member of his household at the time. They argued with me that I was. I told them I would send them a copy of my marriage license. Apparently, they didn't expect me to be smart enough to realize that I had actual proof of the date of my marriage. So, after fighting with them over it, they finally told me after an hour of waiting, that it would be taken care of. That was in September. Today (February), I got another collections notice in the mail, this time saying that I never responded to them (I did, but that's an issue I'll take up with the collections people), it was never paid, and now I'm negligent, ect. So, USAA STILL hasn't paid a bill that I've had to fight to get them to pay TWICE. This experience, considering I've had this happen with three different bills, is enough to make me never want to deal with them again.

To make matters worse, I HAVE dealt with them again. They're the only insurance my husband and I can afford right now, so we had no choice but to open a policy up with them. They've changed our rate FOUR TIMES without even notifying us once. Each time it's gotten higher. Years before my husband and I got married, he had insurance through them while he deployed. He changed his policy to storage, or at least that's what they told him. When he got back from his deployment, he found out that they just canceled his policy, but for some reason continued to charge him. That's right. He was paying for a policy that he didn't even have, and could not have corrected because he was in AFGHANISTAN. Then, when he corrected that, or at least he thought, they opened TWO policies in his name. When he got charged twice, he called them and they told him it was their mistake, but that they would not correct it and if he wanted to continue his policy with them, he would have to pay for both policies.

USAA is literally the most inept, infuriating, out of this world BAD insurance company I've ever had the displeasure of ever working with. They treat their customers like they are ***, while doing nothing but making mistakes themselves, and refusing to help their customers correct those mistakes. They took advantage of my husband while he was deployed, and now our policy that we have with them went from $225 to almost $400 a month. We'll be switching just as soon as we're able. Even if we have to pay more, at least we'll deal with an agency that's competent.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. silentfirefly2002 stated that there is a room for improvement of horrible customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "i'm unhappy with poor customer service, bad quality product, pricing, and problems with payment. there is nothing good about usaa." of usaa auto insurance. Usaa needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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