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USAA neglected repeatedly to put my auto insurance on auto-draft thus leading to them saying my payment was never received. Then they say they want payment in full for my 6 month policy.

So I drop them like a bad habit and move on to a company that actually cares about it's customers (Progressive) now USAA says I am locked out of my accounts because they want money for the insurance policy. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There screw up and now I can't use my online banking? I remember a time where USAA was the most customer friendly bank around now I would have to say they are the worst.

Every person I know says the same thing about them. I have not talked to one person that actually likes them anymore.

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Highland Park, Texas, United States #649673

I too am locked out of my bank account and cannot use deposit mobile because I am in the process of filing bankruptcy. I find it deplorable that we are punished with iur bank account when USAA doesn't like something we do that has NOTHING to do with our bank account.

I am considering talking to my attorney about filing a lawsuit regarding thi issue. Just doesn't seem right!

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #648799

we have usaa and in feb of 2013 direct tv took a lot of money out of our account. I was on the phone all day with usaa. I was talked down to and was told that they are there to help direct the end of the day I finally received a call and was told in a not so nice way that they will give the money back and direct tv has 60 days to supply them with a contract stating that we gave them permission to take the money out of our account...well 87 days later they did it again...mmmm 17 days pasted the 60 days....was on the phone all daya again with usaa and was told that they have a contract that was not signed and sided with direct tv....after this pay period we will be going to a different bank....oh yeah we canceled service within out allotted time with direct tv.....usaa give us our money back

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