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As stated the Credit Card company took care of it within 10 minutes. Which they shouldn’t have since it was USAA’s fault.

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It’s July 5th and I hadn’t received any notification that my automatic bill payment which was scheduled for July 2nd had been sent. So I went to the billers Website saw it was late and paid it in full including a late fee.

So I called USAA and asked what happened. To be brief I was on the phone for over two hours, got transferred four times, was told that the address for the biller was wrong, to delete and reenter the account information. When you do USAA’s website states, We have an existing relationship with this biller and prompts you to proceed. I did and it automatically takes you to a screen that wants the last four digits of your SSN and finishes.

Well, the address in their system is wrong and I told them so. They went on to effectively call me a liar and blame me for the mixup. This went in circles for almost two hours as I was stating their system was wrong and I was requesting a refund of the late fee.

At the two hour mark no resolution the agent from USAA conference called with an agent from my credit card company and I told her what had happened. Now I’ve been with USAA for 10 years and the credit card company for 33 years and after less than 10 minutes the credit card company issued a refund.

The worst part is it was over a $27.00 late fee and USAA was so cheap (mind you) that they wouldn’t issue a refund when it was clearly their fault. I find their customer service pathetic and although I have a substantial bank account, homeowners and automobile insurance they couldn’t find it in their cheap, accusatory version of what they call customer support to have given the refund within the first 15 minutes.

Any else have problems with them? I’m thoroughly disgusted!

USAA Pros: Decent insurance.

USAA Cons: Greedy not well informed, Inept, No loyalty or helpfulness for long time customers.

  • Cannot Resolve Simple Problem
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