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Fortunately I am not a policy holder with USAA, however unfortunately my parked vehicle was hit by a USAA member 1 week ago. Each call to 210-531-8722 gives you a different rep.

The original adjuster I spoke with last Thursday, has not returned my call, though I have left her several messages. I'm still waiting on a manager to call per my request 3 days ago. This morning I spoke with a Rep whom advised "everything is fine" I can now proceed with taking my car to the repair shop and I was provided with a confirmation # for a rental. I get to repair shop, attendee calls USAA for confirmation or acknowledgement of liability and was told the person whom spoke with me was incorrect, as their investigation is not completed and she is deleting the rental confirmation and advised attendee to let me know they will get in touch when they complete investigation !!!!!!!!!!

UNREAL !!!!!! and this is just a tad of the misinformation and lousy telephone etiquette I have had to deal with.

I would not recommend this company to my enemy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Insurance companies have a contract with their insured to defend and protect them. The law in every state protects them and allows them weeks and months to investigate and determine liability.

They will not accept liability until they have discussed with their insured and completed their full investigation.

Why haven't you involved your company that is contracted with you to protect and defend you? No matter the company, this is how it works.