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I am a retired Veteran living in Colombia. I had been in the United States January and February of this year. I was purchasing a truck and decided to use USAA Insurance. After al the hoop la and advertising, and a good price I decided to purchased the insurance from them. No problem, courteous and effective. The deal for the truck did not get completed due to not being able to get the finances straight. The dealership failed to notify USAA that the deal had not been completed so after I was billed for the premium I called USAA to cancel the policy. They did so and refunded my payments, by while we were on the phone and discussing the financing problems I had encountered , USAA agents asked me why I had not chosen them to finance my new vehicle.

I explained that I was returning to Colombia, and unable to import the vehicle I wanted from the USA. The agents stated that they actually make loans to members overseas, and it was entirely Possible to receive a loan for the vehicle I wanted from USAA Car Loans. I was interested but did not act hastily. I had a few small items on my credit report that I wanted removed before I bought and could receive a better Finance rate.

After clearing up my credit reports and joining USAA's Credit Monitoring service and paying the upgrades, I managed to get my credit up to 711 and applied for the Loan. The loan was approved for $37.000 and change after I had applied for $35.000. Now I took several months to find the vehicle I wanted. I decided on a Chevy Spark, a very popular car here in Colombia. A car my Colombian wife desperately needed to work on her PHD.

I took the Loan approval to the Dealership and we started the necessary actions to get the car. I followed all the instructions that the agents gave me to complete the loan requirements, but ran into some minor problems. The first problem was that the Colombian Dealership could not accept a check in US Dollars. I asked USAA Reps if they could send a check in Colombian Pesos. They claimed they could not, but they did say they could make an exception to policy to Wire Transfer the funds to the dealership. I returned to the dealership and obtained the Wire transfer information. This went on for several days, then USAA wants the addresses and Phone numbers for the banks involved. After providing them with that information, USAA the next day inform me that they can not make a wire transfer. It is against procedures. Now we look for another way to get this deal completed.

I asked if the money could be transferred to my personal Colombian Checking account, the same bank that The dealership has. To deposit it under both names and transfer the funds to the dealership. They looked into to it and said they could do that. A week later I receive a check for the Car, but the Check is made out directly to the dealership. Going back to an earlier conversation, we had already determined that this would not work. The check had to be in my name. Now while all this is going on. USAA reps decided that if I opened a USAA checking account with them they could deposit the funds into my checking account and the funds would be directly available. So we spent 2 hours one night doing that. For some unknown reason my credit cards were not working. This happens sometimes here in Colombia when making purchase in the USA, so I had to use my Bank of America card, which had just enough funds to make the initial 25 dollar deposit. making it very clear to the nice woman on the phone that there was no room for error. I do not keep hardly any money in the BOA account. At first is was rejected and then accepted on a second try. Great we have that done. Now that we spent over two hours setting up a bank account to transfer the funds, another agent informs the woman opening my account that they still will not be allowed to deposit the Loan funds into my newly opened bank account. now unknowingly, when we were opening the accounts, and having computer problems giving me an account number, she told me to ignore the account number she originally gave me and gave me a second number. OK No problem. 2 days later I look on my USAA accounts and I now have two new checking accounts. Not a real problem but I had mentioned that I did not keep much money in the Bank of America account, and sure as it rains they debited my account again, causing an overdraft fee. Now you also need to keep in mind that I had used my BOA account to make the deposit on the car. I wanted the 2015 model for 500 dollars more than the 2014 price. Just a good deal with the new year mode;. Thank god they did not install the items I had wanted on the vehicle yet. Now you have to remember I am overseas and can not run down to the bank and make a deposit. I call Bank of America and they can not accept my credit cards or any other form of payment available at the time to make a deposit into my account. I eventually incurred three NSF Fees.

I was bound and determined to get this loan completed. They even offered to make me a personal loan for the car, and even with the 711 credit score, the personal loan was denied after they said they could do that. What a Mess! so I left the accounts open and in anger with Bank of America, stopped my direct deposit fo this month and had it changed to USAA Banking. Now I have two accounts and living in Colombia. I make it perfectly clear in writing several times that I needed the Debit cards for both accounts. To find out they had mailed one but not received for the first account that was opened. The one that I was supposed to ignore. I had changed the Direct Deposit to the second account and find out that after three weeks they still had not mailed a Debit card.

Now three weeks ago I inform USAA that if I do not have a debit Card in my hand at the 1st of the month, there will me no reason to do business any more. Instead of putting one in the mail, they tell me that they had already mailed one on the 20th of last month. I explained that that card is great, but was not received and is not for the account where the direct deposit is directed. Then They email me telling me they have to stop the card. Then they fail to confirm that the second card was mailed, then they failed to confirm that they mailed a card for the account linked to the direct deposit. after multiple emails and calls, they managed to delay another two weeks. All week last week I have been begging for an answer when I will get my cards, and told them they were needed. after all their pre packed response letters and no real individual attention I finally get an email today. 1July with a tracking number, which tells me that I will not receive my debit card for the account linked to the Deposits until July 7th, and there really is no guarantee that this will be the correct cards. Not only do they inform me that they graciously waived the FedEx fees, but the other card which could have been included in the fedex letter, was being mailed separately Via Regular First Class mail.

Now in summation.

I was approached by USAA to apply for an Auto Loan, guarantee to be done in Colombia. I qualified for the loan and after 41 days approved was never told that it could not be done. I paid to have a 2015 car brought to the dealership out of pocket. I received a check for the loan amount and completed the loan agreement, I danced, hopped, and did everything USAA told me to do, and when I go to pick up my car the rug is pulled out underneath me. A very cold letter telling me they could not fund the payment in Colombia and had no way of registering the title, which was a brand new problem I had never heard of before. They did not give me any explanations, or resolutions. they left me hanging in the wind. They opened two checking accounts that I can not even have access to the funds when they were notified of my intentions prior to opening the accounts and informed that the direct deposit had been in fact changed 6 weeks before they mailed me a debit card which I still do not have.

Now we are talking of dozens of Phone calls, never being able to speak to the same person. Each person or agent has their own interpretation of the policies. Each makes a promise, and someone else responds that the promise made is not within the guidelines of USAA procedures. NO CAR! Checking Accounts that can not be used. Lots of promises, and no service. I never expected anything like this in my life. not from the largest Car loan company in the USA. Jesus where do they train these people.

Now I am going to write as many letters as necessary to make prospective new USAA clients beware that they sing a good song, but it is lip sync. Not the truth and not the real thing! I have all the documents, The check, the loan, the emails, and have requested telephone transcriptions. If anyone know of any legal recourse I can take with USAA, Ppease let me know.

will be doing a UTUBE Video and show all the documents and emails for those people that can not believe this mess.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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