Originally a military "officer" insurance company, with good rates and some of the best service in the industry. Eventually became a banking institution--mortgages are very bad (originally PHH mortgage out of NJ-despicable people.)Do NOT get a loan of any kind and then insure with the same company--it will not end well, if you have a claim.

Now opened membership to basically, anyone who has ever known anyone in the service, lots more liability to early members, cost of which is in turn passed on to all members! As a result, higher cost for everything they provide and terrible service!

Sad example of how greed-driven corporate america does not have to compete anymore for business--they just buy the name or infiltrate and takeover! This is not the USAA of 50 years ago, or 2 years ago--very, very sad!

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Houston, Texas, United States #688183

Forgot...they offered to "help" me get insurance through another company. They claimed the company was A rated and they would act as an agent, so I'd still be billed by USAA.

Well, red flags went right up when I investigated the company. It's only rated A by one agency and not the one that grades most insurance companies. They would have put a ridiculous amount on the policy for rebuilding the home if something happened. In excess of $500,000, but rates and deductibles were based on that figure.

I knew homes could be build in this area for around $120 per square foot because I spoke with a builder.

Then it dawned on me...USAA was dropping me and "helping" me find a new company because they would get a kick-back (which they would probably call a commission). I decided to decline their "help" and found my own insurance.

Houston, Texas, United States #688176

As a 44 year member (and soon to be an ex-member) I agree with everything you said. This is not the same company...not even close.

Soon they'll be accepting former Cub Scouts and Brownies as members. The membership thing is a joke. All employees are programmed to say, "Thank you for your 44 years as a member." Like most USAA members I was proud when they said that to me. Yes, I was proud to be a USAA member because I trusted and believed in them.

I'm quickly learning after 44 years that it's all a lot of BS. All we are to them are customers and they are no different from other large insurance companies. The only difference is that USAA wraps themselves in the American flag. In looking back I realize I was perfectly content because I actually had very few dealings with them over the years.

I can count on one hand my auto claims (all minor) and on one hand my homeowner claims (no biggies there either). They've made a good deal of money off of me over the years. So, with few dealings I had nothing to complain about. I realize how naive I was when I thought membership in USAA was something special.

I'm moving six miles from where I currently live and they will not issue homeowner's insurance to me because it's a high risk area. (30 miles inland and we had no claims from Hurricane Ike.) So, for the first time in years I had to go with another company. Found out that State Farm issues homeowner's insurance in that area if you've been with them for auto since 2006. Of course, I wasn't because we had auto with USAA since 1969.

I also have a considerable amount of money invested with USAA which I now plan to move. You are nothing special to USAA.

They don't appreciate your business. They're just another big insurance company and I was a *** old fool for believing in them.


USAA does not keep officers in the same category as enlisted individuals. Officer rates are different than what non-officers pay. Opening to more members is not affecting your rate, it is simply allowing more military members and families have membership.

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