Recently, we applied for USAA membership specifically for homeowners insurance purposes. We made that clear at the onset of the phone call.

After taking all personal info including military service info, ss#, and other personal info.

Rep said we qualified for membership and now were members & would membership documents in mail.

Then, was switched to another phone rep who stated not eligible for insurance or banking products even though have honorable discharge.

Never received membership documents in the mail.

However, did get a letter asking for more personal info including DD-214.

These is unscrupulous, deceptive business practices including bait and switch, to get personal information, advise you are a member, then not eligible for their products then switch to you someone else who sells regular products any consumer can get. Then send a letter asking for more info when they were given all personal information.

After reading all the complaints, law suits and fines against USAA, it is terrible to see Veterans treated this way.

User's recommendation: Do Not Give USAA Personal Info to Get Membership.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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