on 11/09/2019 I was in Florida and received a call from my daughter in California. My daughter was out of money and needed to buy groceries for herself and my three grandchildren.I used the USAA application on my phone to transfer money ($100) to her account from my account.

I completed the transfer of funds and received a message. stating that my that my: Transfer had been completed and the funds were immediately available. Furthermore, I also received an Email "Confirmation" that the money transfer was completed. My daughter went to Walmart and.

attempted to purchase some groceries. She went to check out and and was told the funds were not available. I contacted USAA and spoke to "Treshone" (spell) who verified the transfer but could not tell me why the funds were not available. I requested to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold and disconnected.

I I immediately called back. and spoke to someone by the name of Sandra. Sandra cannot give me an explanation why the money was not available again I requested to speak to a supervisor. I explained to "Sandra" what had happened and that this was an emergency and I needed to get money to my daughter so she could buy food for herself and my three grand children.

I told her her I have a Brokerage account with more than enough to cove the transfer could I transfer the money from my Brokerage account to her account. She said yes no problem but would have to transfer me to another part of the bank and put me on hold. After a short time on hold she told me there was no one in that department during the weekend. I requested to speak to a Supervisor or Manager.

However, I was told they "Do not have anyone here") I asked when a supervisor would be available and was she did not know. I CANNOT BELIEVE USAA WOULD BE OPERATING A BANKING SERVICE WITH NO ONE IN CHARGE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Banking Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

USAA Pros: What they used to be.

USAA Cons: Unsupervised staff running banking operations.

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I spoke today with USAA "Executive Resolution Department " I am satisfied that they will take the appropriate actions to insure the individuals will get timely access to speak with a "Supervisor" when they request one.


You are blaming the bank that completed the transaction. Blame your daughter.


I can't believe what I am reading! She did not have any money because her husband ran off and left her with the three kids and closed their bank account .

I am on the East Coast and she was in California. I did not need a handout I only needed to get her enough money to feed her kids that day, until we could make other arrangements.

I have a substantial Account in in USAA Brokerage to the cover the transferred funds.That USAA had CONFIRMED had been "Transferred and we Immediately Available." Electronically transferred funds are easily traceable and I am sure a manager with minimal experience could have resolved the problem! Moreover, I am a former Banking Regulator and have concerns that the banking operations department would be running UNSUPERVISED.


No, USAA could not resolve the problem, period. What bank has a supervisor on the weekend? Blame your daughter for picking a loser who knows how to game the system.


Pathetic unprofessional response. No wonder you are begging for customers.


So, did your daughter get the money? Was her account in good standing and not overdrawn?

If so, that money went to those fees. Look, don't know your kid, don't know this bank but when someone "runs out of money" and needs food for their kids, they've @#$# up everything in their path including their bank accounts. I'm wondering if they did know why(maybe not this reason) and just didn't want to waste time with people who think the magical manager can solve all problems.

Shaking my head, ran out of money..... Oh, and before you say it, "you must work for them."


Typical : their lack of planning becomes somebody else's emergency.

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