I know my Username and password, so I input both into the mobile app, online on mobile device, and online using a laptop, and every time they ask me for them to send a 6 digit code to either my phone number or email, which I have neither since they're old and I don't use them anymore. So I clicked on the help logging in option or whatever it's called, and told me to call USAA.

I called last week, was told if I don't have either phone number or email that's on file then they can't help me, and same went with their "security" team. I was told go to usaa.com/verify to send ssn, front and back pictures of my license, and phone number where I can be reached within 1 business day, I get called 2 days later and told their system kicked my photos out even though I got a screen saying the pictures were accepted and all good. So apparently if you lose access to your phone number and email, they will not help you no matter what. You'd think they'd have security questions for you to answer and provide your ssn as alternatives to help you out, but I guess that's too mych to ask for.

I decided to *** with them, and I'm now with Geico, paying more than I was paying USAA.

Sad how USAA lost business with me, but they did it to themselves. If you choose USAA, make sure you always have either your phone number or email on hand at all times, otherwise if you lose both, you're *** forever.

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