Trying to navigate their system to get a question answered is so difficult that I usually give up. I've been with USAA for about 40 years and they keep getting worse, but I have so many policies with them that changing is difficult.

This morning I spent an hour trying to find out why the premium on one of my rental properties increased 57% over 2 years. Impossible to talk to anyone or even send a message so that someone could get back to me.

I have about 9 policies with them and only have had a problem with one auto driver who they canceled, and other than that, I've never had a claim. They used to have excellent service and are now living off their prior reputation and misleading TV ads.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Property Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

USAA Cons: Anything about customer service, Customer service.

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I am currently having the same experiences as a 48 year member. My homeowners policy increased almost 50% in 3 years due to "replacement costs" being now estimated by USAA to be 50% higher than the house could ever be sold for in the sub-division.

They would not let me insure for less than 80% of their wildly inflated rebuilding cost, or let me reduce their grossly inflated insured value of my possessions to a more reasonable replacement amount. Asked to speak to manager and I was promised a call back (twice) which never came.

I should have listened to my kids who both had bad experiences with USAA and moved to other, more reasonable companies. Now looking to see what the Emu, FLO, Good Hands, or geiko can do for me...


I have had similar issues over the last few years. I also have rental policies and have seen the premiums rise as much as 25 - 30 percent per year.

In addition, their building replacement costs seem extremely high and unrealistic (the estimated replacement cost of a small two bedroom, one bath bungalow I own is as much as a new construction, 4 bedroom, two and a half bath home in the same neighborhood and nearly triple what I paid for the property a couple years ago). The customer service reps have no answers for my questions regarding these issues. Trying to talk to a manager is now impossible - they say one will call but they don't. This is sad.

I've been a member for almost 50 years and was always so impressed with USAA prices and service - hands down they were heads and shoulders above every other company for their prices and service. That has certainly changed. I'm also disturbed by the recent sale of their mutual funds and am still confused why that decision was made. I've also noticed that USAA now advertises on television, etc with frequency rivaling GEICO.

In the past, little to no advertising was required. If you were eligible for USAA you became a member as soon as possible. I guess the business model has changed.

I wonder if there will soon be some sort of move to take the insurance business public? I also no longer recieve their magazine which I felt was usually a useful product.

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