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I am a 52 year member of USAA and my son is a 25 year member. My son recently took out a rental insurance policy on his home so he could rent it while waiting to sell it.

As it turned out, the renter in a short period of time and without authorization "trashed the house" by taking out fixtures, taking out a washer and dryer and ripping up dry wall and a ceiling in a bedroom. The renter, when kicked out of the house did not leave until he poured black stain all over the wood floors in the down stairs. My son provided pictures, emails and even court records of the individual who did the damage and had done the damage in other homes he had rented.

USAA claims department quickly investigated and said that there was no vandalism but that it was just poor workmanship and they did not cover that. I called the CEO and got the advocate department who assigned Yolanda Najera who assured me that she would independently look at the evidence that my son sent in to her and the claims department.

Bottom line was that the "executive review panel" rubber stamped the decision by the claims department to deny the claim in total and no one ever looked at the evidence.

I was told by the executive department that I could not speak to the CEO and if I wrote to him, I would not ever hear from him as I would instead hear from the executive committee.

So, since USAA is so unconcerned about a very serious matter like this one, I and my family will be cancelling all of our policies with USAA and moving to a company that actually cares about its customers and actually providing customer service.

I will also be talking to all of my military friends and associates and advising them to do the same and leave USAA. And I will not miss the opportunity to use social media to communicate this entire ordeal to everyone I possibly can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Claim.

Reason of review: Rental Insurance Claim Denied.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Approve the claim.

USAA Cons: Almost every aspect of handling auto insurance claims, Pretends not to hear you, Usaa frauds members.

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The issue is that YOU can’t prove that YOU didn’t do it. If they contacted the renters and they said “No we left the place immaculate” and then provided pictures then they will deny any claim because then it would be fraud. You have to have proof the renters did it.

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