I have had an account with USAA for over 25 years. .

Initially they were great during the 1980's and 1990's however, I noticed a lot of changes with their customer service and billing watch your money if you have an account with them. In sum I was overcharged for my auto insurance which was paid via draft. Secondly my mutual fund account was transferred to either Victory Bank or Charles Shawb without my knowledge. I called one day and they said I don't have an account there.

The representative apologized for the poor communication. Imagine that, your money just disappears or is transferred without your knowledge. Now I have to track down or hopefully find my money.

Yes, I'm pissed. I am closing my account but beware because when America goes cashless just imagine how money will continue to come up missing.no actual currency just data entry.

User's recommendation: Don't trust them they have closed 90% of all their locations with limited ATM's. Its like dealing with an internet based company. Good luck if your that brave.

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