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USAA is the worst insurance co, you can get . my experience with them has been very frustrating .

I warn you do not get this USAA insurance . i am in process of getting a lawyer and fight them all I can . My name is William Murray , email You can email me and i will send you my story of the horrors of dealing with USAA.

MY goal is to get as many people to turn away from USAA as possible and to use the social media to accomplish this mission . This company is only interested in filling there pockets with money , They don't care about you. Email me and I will give You some Ideas to fight back against the Bully USAA and some Better choices for your Insurance needs . Don't let USAA push you around , one person can do a lot and you can stand up for your self when you are being pushed down by this USAA Bully .

I have 3 military buddys canceling there insurance with USAA when there renewal comes up , so that's a start . I got many more left to do.

Review about: Usaa Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You should definitely give out your email on random websites. You should also 'use the social media' to "facebooks" your grandkids.


If you are hiring a lawyer to sue over something you felt was mishandled, you are within your rights, but yu are silly if your are posting you information online for everyone to see, including USAA!

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