Ever since Stuart Parker took over as CEO of USAA, the company has turned to ***. No service, all greed.

They left me in the dust when I needed them most. This kind of stuff never happened under the direction of the last CEO. They used to be like a brother to me. Always there to help, and now they've turned into a greedy, technology-happy, corner-cutting piece of *** company.

This is especially awful due to the fact that their primary goal is supposed to be serving those who have served the country. Active duty, veterans, etc.

I'm a disabled combat veteran getting hardly anything from the VA and now I'm getting mistreated by USAA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Ceo.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

USAA Cons: Everything after ceo change.

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USAA quoted me auto insurance for almost two times more of what I am paying now. It is ashame that vets and military personnel are being taken.

Shame on you USAA, don't advertise that you are on the side of vets and active duty folks. You are not!


I will stay away from this company I am glad I know not to deal with them


I sincerely hope CEO Parker has recanted his support of the NFL players and their protests which include lack of support to the American flag and disrespect towards the American National Anthym. Otherwise he needs to be kicked out of USAA: he is bringing them nothing but disrespect.

@Harriet Zdy

USAA has screwed up over the years. I came back to the US after spending a year in Saudi Arabia.

I needed a vehicle. I had $50,000 in USAA. I asked USAA to finance my $12,000 truck. USAA said for me to come back after I had a job for 6 months.

I moved and called USAA to make sure they had the correct mailing address for my credit card. USAA mailed my credit card to my old address.

Their excuse was that my new address caused their system to default to my old address. There are many more examples of poor customer service...

@Harriet Zdy

You don't seem to have a clue as to why you served in the military--if you did. I did.

I swore allegiance to the Constitution, not to a piece of fabric. To whom or what did you swear allegiance?


Weird... The flag, like all national flags, represent the core of the nation...

in our case it is the constitution. The Red in the flag also represents blood - the shedding of blood by the few Americans that fought for all other Americans. Fabric or not, it is the literal physical representation of the constitution. So, if you swear to the flag you are swearing to the constitution AND the continuous blood shed/lives lost to keep the constitution save.

If you served you should have learned this in basic. I did.


I would not recommend this insurance company to anyone horrible horrible horrible. Their client caused over 8000 in damage to my car and they refuse to cover the damage because their client intentionally caused the damage in a road rage incident.

So basically they condone this type of behavior and crimes commented by their clients so they don't have to pay for it. Well fortunately for me I do not give up on *** like so easily. We have the national insurance commissioner involved and our team of lawyers are in the process of filing one of the biggest law suits against the company not their client. It is against the law to pick and choose what claims they feel like paying out on and it is bad insurance practice when you tell the victim you don't insure the person who commented the road rage incident.

Thank God for cell phones and technology today that allowed me to record the phone calls with this insurance company and the lies and cover ups they attempted to tell me.

And thank God for president Trump because he doesn't like what they have done and he actually is for the people. My family has suffered a tremendous amount but justice will prevail in due time and the CEO of this insurance company will be behind bars where he belongs.


Right on. The moment I ever say OK - I'm recording this now.

Go on and tell me again what you just said? Then they just hang up, clam up, or just state it violates them somehow and put you on the looping hold thing.

You know what I mean. Just don't tell them you are recording them - that's what I found out.


This company sucks. I am insured by them and they refuse to evaluate my claim and settle for what its worth. I am moving back to Allstate.


I loved Allstate. Should have never left.


It's funny to me that "Anonymous" can try to refute what an actual customer's experience was. Post your name Anonymous.

Who gives a shi* what clark.com says? That is not even a valid web site for what is being reported here. I have had the same experience with USAA over the last 10 years or so, during which time their customer service has gone drastically down hill. USAA used to be about their customers, but now it is ALL about profit and their executive staff getting their bonuses and pay raises.

This company is now a joke to me. Post your name Anonymous because you probably work for USAA so your input is invalid.

@Jon F Pum

Clark Howard has been giving good advice and recommending USAA for many years on radio and TV. Meanwhile, you are a nothing.

@Jon F Pum

Post YOUR name you stupid idiot!


More falsehoods about USAA, one of the best. Look at clark.com


Get a clue. Can't wait for them to *** you as well!


Just a matter of time.


Optinions are not falsehoods. The more negative the opinions are and correlates to customers exiting services they once held with USAA, the more of a large picture is formed...

one that causes loss of money for USAA.

These signs indicate a lack confidence and reputation in the general public and ex-customers, and the company will be forced to "fix it" at some point or they will lose too much money. You can't really fix something that's not broke, so not only can opinions turn "falsehoods" to facts but also you're just a troll.




We've been with them for over 20 yrs now. Our auto, life insurance, mortgage, banking is all done through USAA.

BOTH of our children had the debit prepaid cards as teenagers, USAA no longer offers this. Now our youngest has graduated from High School and is about to embark on college. And will be using her Dad's GI BILL. So we decided to open a checking account for her.

Well a company that is suppose to be military driven and supporting and thanking there troops for there service. Is telling us now that a military ID is not siffencent for our daughter to verify her identity after she has already had an account with them and we've verified our identity by answering all there security questions correctly. She does not drive, nor has the desire to operate a motor vehicle at this time. For the safety of herself and others I don't feel like it's something that should be forced, but I do encourage.

Was told she would need another form of picture ID. Spend two hours at the DMV because of this then was denied once I got up to the counter. Because I brought our banking and mortgage statements from USAA. Had one of them been from a different company they would have been valid proff of residency.

I'm beyond pissed. I've been the rock to this family always took care of everything through all my husbands deployments. And have no other bills in my name other then them all with USAA. I trusted this company with all our business.

Now it comes back to bite me. Had we been new customers maybe I would be more understanding. I know identity theft is on the rise.

But we're not new customers we've proved our identity with USAA this has been a nightmare. So my advice don't give all your business to one company, slowly but surely our service to this country doesn't count for much.


Similar experience. Had been a member while I was single, when I went to OCS.

Had my own number, membership. Got married to another service member, also with USAA. They sold me into combining under one umbrella, which was his number (I still kept my number, no worries, they promised). Supposedly for convenience sake.

Had all of their products, home and auto insurance, all 5 of our kids with their own numbers and accounts. Credit card with 17k limit, 10%APR. Fast forward 20 years. Start the process of divorcing my abusive alcoholic spouse.

Flee and take shelter. He calls USAA, cancels our joint card, has me removed from under "umbrella". I thought I would be able to call them up and get my own credit card. They inform me I have to PROVE my military service.

Yes, they have my membership number, can see me in system. But they need a copy of my DD214. Meanwhile, ex opens new credit card with same 17k limit. I, however, am only offered 2k, IF I provide my DD214.

I had been the principal financial planner of the household, managed all accounts. But now that I am in hiding from my abusive ex during divorce process, I have no means for cash flow.

Pissed doesn't begin to describe my feelings towards USAA. I was utterly terrified, with nowhere to go, and no means of emergency support for my kids.

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