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Ever since Stuart Parker took over as CEO of USAA, the company has turned to ***. No service, all greed.

They left me in the dust when I needed them most. This kind of stuff never happened under the direction of the last CEO. They used to be like a brother to me. Always there to help, and now they've turned into a greedy, technology-happy, corner-cutting piece of *** company.

This is especially awful due to the fact that their primary goal is supposed to be serving those who have served the country. Active duty, veterans, etc.

I'm a disabled combat veteran getting hardly anything from the VA and now I'm getting mistreated by USAA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Ceo.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

USAA Cons: Everything after ceo change.

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Similar experience. Had been a member while I was single, when I went to OCS.

Had my own number, membership. Got married to another service member, also with USAA. They sold me into combining under one umbrella, which was his number (I still kept my number, no worries, they promised). Supposedly for convenience sake.

Had all of their products, home and auto insurance, all 5 of our kids with their own numbers and accounts. Credit card with 17k limit, 10%APR. Fast forward 20 years. Start the process of divorcing my abusive alcoholic spouse.

Flee and take shelter. He calls USAA, cancels our joint card, has me removed from under "umbrella". I thought I would be able to call them up and get my own credit card. They inform me I have to PROVE my military service.

Yes, they have my membership number, can see me in system. But they need a copy of my DD214. Meanwhile, ex opens new credit card with same 17k limit. I, however, am only offered 2k, IF I provide my DD214.

I had been the principal financial planner of the household, managed all accounts. But now that I am in hiding from my abusive ex during divorce process, I have no means for cash flow.

Pissed doesn't begin to describe my feelings towards USAA. I was utterly terrified, with nowhere to go, and no means of emergency support for my kids.


I was a victim of identity theft, one of their members was the guilty party and they treated me like a criminal. I had 5 fake profiles made in my name in 4 months and all they could say is it won’t happen again.

Guess what it kept happening again and now the damage has spread, but USAA claims no fault. They were the springboard that start d all this but take no respond dodge my phone calls.

So sick and shameful. *** you Stuart Parker you are an evil greedy ***


You and I need to get in contact with each other! I am looking to sue USAA in federal court. I’m an identity theft victim, too and I believe one of their members conspired with the perpetrator.


Similar story here.


USAA sucks and always has no matter the CEO! They are crooks that prey on their employees, clients, and vendors.

They us unethical contractors who do not file for needed permits when repairing houses or cars due to claims. We finally had enough after our house was severely damaged in a wind storm last April and eventhough we paid the max for insurance for our home with a $1000 deductible we ended up shelling out over $50K to have the roof fixed.

If you look at the Better Business Bureau you will find that USAA is always under investigation for their practices regarding insurance of any type. Stay away from them!


I'm employee and they have been trying to fire me from the start.


Usaa is garbage


I'll join any class action lawsuit. They are trying to screw me as well.


I think it’s time for class action lawsuit


Glad to join in a class action lawsuit...count me in.


They wouldn't even reopen my account for me and I'm a disabled veteran stating that I did not get a honorable discharge which is a lie. I sent in all my paperwork of me getting paid every mnth showing im honorable and everything and they still said it wasnt! Thats a slap in the face after serving my country!


Has anyone been happy? They were not renewing my homeowners due to someone making a bogus claim against me for my service dog this is after over 50 years membership


there was a time when I was bragging about how awesome it was [to have USAA]. Last two years has increasingly made me dislike, then distrust, then dispise USAA.

I tried to wait it out, thinking they would change their policies, but alas the only thing they hear is money. They will only change their ways if they see they are losing money because people are leaving.


I agree - they suck! They are going to lose a lot of business because of it!


USAA is not the auto insurance company. Just greedy


I’ve been with them since 2003, coming home from combat in Iraq. I’ve been proud to be a part of an organization that CLAIMED to have been supportive to our nations vets.

The last few years this has not been the case. In fact they have even done the exact opposite, allowing an angry ‘soon to be ex wife’ make drastic changes and even accusations that would have me removed from being covered! So no, USAA should not be allowed to make that claim. I am out.

I will forever warn against the company. They will never see another dime from me either.


The most falsehoods about a good company that I have seen anywhere. Good riddance to all of you.


USAA certainly isn't what it used to be. I will move all of my accounts out to other financial institutions.


Agreed - they were once a great company but something changed a few years ago.


Calling all the veterans liars really isn't helping the cause. USAA is *** off the veteran community. I am warning all my active duty and vet friends.