Ever since Stuart Parker took over as CEO of USAA, the company has turned to ***. No service, all greed.

They left me in the dust when I needed them most. This kind of stuff never happened under the direction of the last CEO. They used to be like a brother to me. Always there to help, and now they've turned into a greedy, technology-happy, corner-cutting piece of *** company.

This is especially awful due to the fact that their primary goal is supposed to be serving those who have served the country. Active duty, veterans, etc.

I'm a disabled combat veteran getting hardly anything from the VA and now I'm getting mistreated by USAA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Ceo.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

USAA Cons: Everything after ceo change.

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seems USAA can close an account without any form of notice.. we get a letter in the mail that our daughters account is closed she is off at school....

so she had to open an account with another bank...

we will be doing the same very soon .. USAA is seriously lacking any professionalism


Agree - here is my latest experience My Daughter’s accounts were turned off with little to no notification and for not signing some federal signature card. What kind of action is this and why was there not any form of guaranteed communications with my daughter established to prevent this?

When I learned how to fly a helicopter in the army, I was taught positive transition of control. Bottom line is that this positive control ensured that the other person knew what was happening. This never occurred, emails, online account inbox’s, regular email etc are in effective and you know this. Why then I ask would USAA turn her accounts off with this type of communication?

She is left out in the cold trying to get gas and discovers this. How does USAA remedy this? I assume, she has bills that are scheduled to be paid from these accounts.

She needs her money and all I get is sorry and the money has been sent to her via mail. This is unbelievable… Thanks for the customer service – NOT!


It took me three times just to get a tow.


I have been with USAA for several years now and have never filed for a claim other than for roadside assistance for which I pay an additional premium for. I have liability insurance on two vehicles currently on my policy that are 16 and 14 years old and My wife and I are in our mid fifties.

Neither my wife nor myself have had any violations in the past 30 years and yet our premiums are $1,563.00 every 6 months. This is liability for an 06 mercury Milan and 04 Ford Explorer! I have to make monthly payments of $263.43 every month and due to my health care bills and my wife’s recent breast cancer recently which required a double mastectomy, intensive and long term Chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery We have had a pretty rough go at it and realize that we have been a few days late in making payments from time to time but we usually get our payments in on time and I also understand that my son who is a listed driver has had a couple of speeding tickets which reflects negatively in determining our premium cost, however I went to make my my payment this month on the fifteen (6) days late and via recording was told that I would be required to make an additional payment of $320.00 along with my regular monthly payment of $260.43 or my insurance would be canceled. I find this very disheartening and unfair to the people such as myself who lives on a small Army pension and my wife whom has worked in civil service for almost 15 years and only took at most, 4-5 days off each month after receiving very aggressive Chemotherapy which caused her to lose every hair on her body and for the first time in our 35 years of marriage I saw her succumb to taking a very mild pain medication.

I am thankful to our ALMIGHTY CREATOR for her having Blue Cross Blue Shield medical coverage to have paid what they did and for my ability to be able to receive private medical care because unfortunately my being a combat veteran and my many years of military service unfortunately means nothing to the Dublin, Ga. VA, I have to say, that I usually always get wonderful customer service with USAA and I do not want sympathy nor do I want charity!!!! All I want is a little more respect and a little lead way for my family and other veterans who are trying to make an honest effort to be safe, compliant with the law and regardless of past credit problems have matured and are trying to survive and support an extended family on a very tight income. I have recommended several family members and veteran friends and they are currently USAA members and Thank GOD ALMIGHTY I have been fortunate enough to not have to file a claim on my policy so a little less stress on my wife whom Does so very much when we cannot afford to pay over double our monthly payment or face cancellation seems little to ask.

I am sure Mr. CEO PARKER that as a Desert Storm veteran yourself can appreciate this. Thank you very much for your time and I pray you all have many blessed and wonderful days ahead.

As our ALMIGHTY CREATOR has blessed me and mine, I pray, so may you and yours be blessed Respectfully, Alvin L. Carey


USAA uses sorry contractors and I had to take them to the state insurance commissioners office to make them repay me for a lost that was started by a neighbors fire. Amazing that I was charged for something caused by the home next door fire.


Yes they do ! They only care about the EXEC's and shareholders/investors!


USAA has no shareholders, it’s privately held.


I reported over $5000 of bogus charges on my USAA American Express and VISA. This fraud was between June and August of 2019.

Not only did USAA repost 3000 of bogus charges they will not give me the new account number so that I may set up the new account numbers in my Bank's bill pay. I asked for a paper copy of the currently statement and there was going to be a charge to do so. SERIOUSLY, I can't get my new account numbers and you're going to charge me to go paper.

I have 5 insurance policies car and homeowners. I am seriously considering making some a few changes.


I would. I just transferred everything but my auto and home, because of other USAA issues.

Had my first claim on home owners in 12 years to come find out that USAA changed my options without consulting me, increasing my deductibles by $2000.

The home owners insurance is basically garbage now as I can't use it for anything. Getting rid of that PLUS getting rid of my auto before I get screwed again.


I'm going after USAA for a flood claim where they cheated us and allowed their contractors to steal our items. If any of you would like to join me in showing all the members that this is not the company it once was and now filled with criminals who take your money and when you have a claim they pay you pennies on the dollar and police themselves so they don't have to make a fair settlement contact me at 817-929-**** Timothy Bell


They are trying to screw me now on my Infiniti. Can you contact me please


It’s true USAA sucks!!


USAA has lost its way, trying to drop USAA now


Totally agree. I am a current employee and all problems begin and end with Stewart Parker.

We need a new CEO who understands human connection as well as true growth strategies. There have been many changes implemented to be compliant however they have become slogans and they do not care about what happens on the front lines which is where risk actually occurs. In my department alone I have seen more than 15 people leave the company in the last 6 months including managers. They recently promoted a person to director who is actually part of the problem, if you ask almost anyone on the floor.

Sad. I had high hopes when I came to USAA.


Since you work at USAA you are part of the problem. Why would you remain at a company that mistreated the members who serve the country and put their life on the line for this nation.

Boycotting the company is the answer. As soon as my policy is up I am moving to Amica for auto and home insurance. I refuse to out another inch of my time and money in this horrible company.

I am beyond pissed. #karma


Relax Anon - everyone needs a job. And, if he recognizes the problem but policy doesn't afford him the ability to make changes, he will be part of the solution when the leadership understand the issue and changes.

Everybody works for something which has screwed over someone before. The problem here is not the screwing over, believe it or not, but the policies that enable the screwing.


We just left USAA after 19 years!! Saw our house and car insurance increase over 300% with no claims!!


300% over the last ten years!! They Suck!!


HORRIBLE BANK.......ALL THE WAY AROUND! Run as far as you can from this place!


I completely agree. Right around the time that he came into the CEO position in 2015, USAA has become a horrible company.

They do not care about protecting military families. They tried to charge me $35 for a credit card annual fee I never even used.

Also their auto claims dept sucks. Do not bother getting full coverage protection because they do not settle for what your claim is actually worth.

William V

Wow They need to quit using military as their cover Anyone can be in USAA... stop using us for $$$

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