Ever since Stuart Parker took over as CEO of USAA, the company has turned to ***. No service, all greed.

They left me in the dust when I needed them most. This kind of stuff never happened under the direction of the last CEO. They used to be like a brother to me. Always there to help, and now they've turned into a greedy, technology-happy, corner-cutting piece of *** company.

This is especially awful due to the fact that their primary goal is supposed to be serving those who have served the country. Active duty, veterans, etc.

I'm a disabled combat veteran getting hardly anything from the VA and now I'm getting mistreated by USAA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Ceo.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

USAA Cons: Everything after ceo change.

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I say we picket Usaa they have screwed me over from last time everyone let's get together and pick it USAA


I talked to USAA approximately 10-11 days ago about an "overdue" acct (due on 7/27); made a $50 payment then and told the rep the remainder was scheduled for electronic payment on 7/20. He said that was okay.

A couple days later I received another harassing call rrom USAA about the same issue. I was transferred several times and ended up in the debt resolution section. I advised the "Supervisor" of the previous call, but he couldn't see it since debt resolution and customer service don't communicate with each other (the right hand doesn't nkow what the left hand is doing). That supervisor decided to seched another payment from the same non-USAA account for 7/20.

Thanks to USAA policy (the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing) they received 2 payments and my non-USAA bank is overdrawn + an overdraw fee. Theft by wire/wire fraud???

I am trying to send money from the USAA credit card to my USAA debit acct, but the system is currently unavailable. Please try again later. (9:3521).

Even if it were available, it would not be done before Monday; USAA must have a very antiquated computer system. VERY CONVENIENT


I had the same problem with USAA and agree that the Right Hand has no idea what the Left hand is doing and it seems like their computer systems are not connected((That is a management problem that can easily be fixed in two actions. (1), Fire the current management, (2) Have new management connect the two systems togather.)) That way the right and left hand can meet each other and maybe get back to helping the customer.


I love navy federal credit union much better customer service for me and for my family.


I Love Navy Federal Credit Union. I worked for USAA and it was very heart breaking when Military members and families think they are closing on their home.

Only to get to the table and hear you have been denied and will not be getting keys today. I have moved on from USAA. I now work for a Manufacturing Company as Office Manager and I Truly Love it. As I once Loved USAA but they are not right and I feel honored not to be associated with them anymore.

Not only do they treat their customers bad but employees worse. Veronica Freeman


He has NO education and should not be in charge. This is the worst bank I have ever done business with! He is a JOKE!


I totally agree!!!

I have been a member for 25 years and am also a disabled veteran. At USAA, the rates have been skyrocketing while the service is plummeting.

I recently had an auto claim and it was the worst display of customer service I have ever witnessed.


If this is the case then WHY do you Always defend them (see your comments printed here)?. It seems like you believe that when they do it to everyone else, it is somehow ok, BUT when they do it to you, then they are wrong.


They just raised my auto rates $900 for six months and say that its due to the state of FL rate increases!


nsurance - Claims - Auto & Property - Inquire about an existing claim

Subject Total lack of support from USAA


I have been a USAA customer for more than 23 years. In that time I have paid more than 100,000 in insurance for everything from Boat to car, renters insurance, and home insurance.

I have never had a large issue where I needed anything more than a tow for my vehicle or a broken window for my automobile. 4 weeks ago I had a water heater explode in my home. At first I thought the damage was not that bad and due to my large deductible (that USAA recommended for me) that the damage was not that bad. After 5 days of attempts to dry carpet and get repairs done it became apparent that there was significant damage to carpet, wood floor, and drywall.

I contacted USS for assistance and they sent a water restoration team to my home to help. The team did a great job they did in fact confirm the damage to the carpet, drywall, and wood flooring. They went as far as to remove the damage carpet, and wood flooring leaving me with a concrete slab. We also went ahead and hired a contractor to assist with the drywall repair.

After the water damage was stopped the mitigation team picked up their equipment and left, telling me we would hear from USAA on the remaining repairs necessary. I heard from USAA via a e-mail not even a phone call that the claim was complete. I had to call USAA and wait on the line for more than a hour (I know Hurricane Matthew had lines backed up) when I got someone they told me to put in the estimate from the drywall repair and provide pictures of the damage to the carpet, drywall, and wood flooring and we would get a updated estimate. I did all that.

never heard anything except that again USAA is closing my claim. Where is my claims adjuster to come out and inspect the damage, yes I have a large deductible that I have already meet 1/2. I have a entire carpet that has a large piece cut out of it that will require my entire living room to be recarpteted. I have a entry way that now only has 1/2 of the wood flooring that will require replacing.

I have drywall that will require painting to match. Where is the adjuster to come out and provide a estimate. Where is the recommendation for companies to come out and assist? Can someone from USAA get on the phone and assist a long term customer instead of telling me to do everything electronic...and when I do it electronic I get no answer.

I am now to the point that the holidays are coming and I will be stuck with damage in my house that is not repaired. Thank you very little.

USAA has lots of commercials out there where they brag on service and loyalty. I have been a loyal USAA member for 23 plus years like I said.

If this is the way that you treat a loyal member during his first minor claim I would hate to think what I would go through if I had a actual catastrophe.

I am hoping that this harsh e-mail will get some response and some assistance.

Sincerely, Rob Rafford


You are so right. I have been with USAA for almost 60 years and they will not pay me my ALE I am out thousands of dollars and my house is without plumbing. I am 85 years old and the woman that is taking care of my claim is so mean and rude.


I had called to make a payment and the answering machine said I owe nothing at this time. So knowing I did, I called the company and the gentleman told me since they were switching from Mastercard to Visa, to hold off on payment until my new bill comes in.

Shortly after receiving my bill, I starting getting calls saying my account is past due and a $25 late fee. I tried to explain what happened and they would not hear of it. We would never say that. I have been a member for 37 years and this is absurd.

They are now calling me every day and refuse, I said refuse, to listen.

It is all about them and not about their customers. They are getting awful.


I have had banking issues as well. Received a quote on the phone for CD renewal.

With this information I renewed only to find out that they gave me less than 1/3 of what I was promised. Called again. Told them I didn't want to renew at that rate. Was told that I would not receive any penalty.

I did receive a check back minus the penalty. Called again and was told that there was no record of that. Ask to speak with her boss. Told I would get a return call within 24 hrs.

I missed the call and there was no contact number for me to call back. He/she never called back. Was even demeaned by saying "you should know that". I have been a member for 31 years.

This is not member service. In actuality they did me a favor. Searched for other banks.

Found another with a better cash-back credit card, 1+% interest on a regular savings and almost twice the amount of interest on CDs. I am moving all of my savings and investments away from USAA.

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