A few years back, I co-signed on a loan (later learned never to do that), with my brother. He never payed on it. I never knew he wasnt paying on it and one day I went to login into my account. It gave me the message, you are being denied for security reasons, please call this 1800#.

I called to find out what was going on and they told me that since the loan hadnt been payed on it was going to collections. I asked if they sent me any notice on it and they said yes. I asked were they sent the mail correspondence to. It was being sent to my dads address since thats were my brothers mail was going. I asked my dad and he said he never saw anything from them for me or my brother.

I asked what number they called, at the time it was my current number. They said they called and said no I had not received any calls nor did I have a voicemail indicating so. They made repeated comments that they did.

Later on almost a year later, my brother made a settlement amount with a USAA collector. Only $800 dollars short of the original loan amount. Even though that USAA made an agreement, they continue to deny me service with them. I dont think that its right.

So everytime someone brings up USAA, I let them know how much they suck at doing business and will continue to do so everyday till they change the way they do business.

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I have been a customer for over 20 years and now the scam is hitting with the insurance underwriters. I have no use for USAA and I hope they shut their doors.


I have been a customer with USAA for over 26 years. I have never had a problem with them.


I have been a customer with USAA for over 26 years. I have never had a problem with them.



I lost my house to foreclosure - one of the first 1000 of the millions in 2008.Bankruptcy followed.

USAA cut services, raised my insurance and wouldn't allow me to log on to their website. It's tough to get punished for the housing failure. I was a customer for 30 years and they were excellent.

Now they treat me worse than dirt.I moved to Geico.


USAA is lower than whale ***. They lie, they steal, and the veterans-interest at heart *** is a mutha fucken lie.

USAA staff and their sorry-assed management can eat my *** like a doughnut, all around the hle.


Here's the thing; by cosigning on the loan you agreed to make payments if your brother didn't.Perhaps you didnt realize that was the case, but it was.

Cosigning on a loan makes you liable for the debt as well, so if it defaults then that comes back on you. Whether or not the amount was settled, your brother's refusal to pay negatively affected your payment history as well. By co-signing you agreed that payments would be made on time, and they weren't.

Why would you expect them to do business with you after that?Blame your brother and yourself for this one, not USAA.


I have been a USAA consumer for over 25 years, took out a loan for parents house and were closing on 11/14.Linda rodrigez the loan processor at USAA failed to process the loan and two days later we still are not closed, and no idea what this loan processor is doing.

It is clear that she is not doing her job.

USAA is known for outstanding customer service.My parents have had customer NO-service.

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