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Had hail damage on my car today. Called USAA insurance since my car is under storage insurance to report a claim but since my car is already paid for USAA will cannot cover the damage, I was told that Storage insurance would work only if the car was still financed.

What a rip-off!

in order for me to have my vehicle covered I would have to pay full comprehensive insurance and take it off of storage. I was not told any of this and had been paying insurance for 3 years for nothing and all they could say was Sorry!

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Claim.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia

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The money you saved from only paying the storage insurance is probably more than enough to compensate the hail.


Yet another case of penny smart and dollar stupidity.......can't complain , but why not right? Maybe someone will see my point of view, cross eyed !


The storage discount provides members an 80% discount off of their current coverages if the vehicle qualifies. Anytime you place a vehicle in storage you must agree to the following:

1. The Vehicle will not be driven

2. The vehicle will be stored in a secure location

3. You will remove the storage discount before driving the vehicle.

Hail damage to a vehicle in storage will automatically tell me one thing... it is NOT in a secure location. A secure location, as any rep tells you, is a personal garage, storage unit or military storage. Your car located outside is not secured from theft nor elements of the weather.

In addition, your car being paid off has nothing to do with your coverages. If you choose not to carry , at minimum, comprehensive coverage (which protects against hail, theft and collision with an animal) that is your choice. And without comprehensive, hail damage is not covered regardless of having storage or not.


While I agree with most of these statements, the major factor of a "secure location" is up for debate. Unless the coverage agreement states specifically that a secure location must be "covered", then having a vehicle outside or inside a structure is irrelevant.

There are plenty of secure locations that have fenced-in designated areas, locked gates, secure access and security cameras posted that would certainly quality as secure locations (police impound lots, rental car locations, long-term airport parking, etc). Along with these are many storage facilities that offer special vehicle areas as well with the same amenities. Hail damage could easily occur in any one of these locations while still being a secured area.

Again, the point here is that unless the coverage specifically states secure AND covered, his claim of hail damage could still be valid. Comprehensive, on the other hand, you hit it - you'd have to have this coverage in the first place for any damage of this sort, regardless of the vehicle being covered or open.


Your oppinion of storage is inaccurate it can be under a car cover which is big enough the hail can still damage it. The real deal is it has to benparked at the locatation you said and not used weather its a tarp or a garage its still stored and not being used.


write a letter the your STATE INSURANCE COMMISIONER

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