I am a disabled veteran with PTSD, I have been banking with USAA since 2010. Over the past couple years because of my illness and trying to navigate the trials of the VA, I have not been financially stable.

In August of 2018, I lost my job. Since that date, USAA has charged me more than $2000 in NSF or Overdraft fees. $844 of which was taken directly from a deposit of my VA disability, leaving me with less than $200 to survive on for the month, and absolutely no way to pay my bills. I explained my situation to them, and begged them to refund the fees but they refused each time.

I was lectured about my financial "irresponsibility," and informed that it was their RIGHT to charge these fees to a suffering, disabled veteran. No kindness, consideration, care, or empathy was shown from ANY of the representatives who heard about my case.

I sent a letter to USAA through multiple contact methods in November of 2018 and did not receive a response at all. After contacting the office of the president, Chad Borton, I was informed that it was, "received by back-office staff." But never addressed?

USAA knows what it means to serve-- Themselves.

I am beyond disappointed with this company and disgusted that they continue to make their money using veterans and service-members as a prop without even following through with their promise to care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Banking Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

USAA Cons: Theft.

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I have had problems with usaa I had 2 fraud companies which I let usaa know on January 19th.2019 they said it could be a couple months. on the 22nd I was told they were investigating.

I was notified on the 30th that case closed. the merchant commented in their documents usaa paid them on the 23rd, I was mad I said I was not given a chance to give my side, the company used form letters and said I was aware of this. They refused to listen to me. there were 5 companies involved in the fraud, I contacted ic3 aka fbi, occ, omb, ofpb Senator, bbb, and told to contact attorney general.

It is against the law for a Federal Savings Bank to take SS Check money.

The OFPB regulates Federal Bank. Change to a local bank but stay away from charges for any bank with charges stay away from Wells Fargo they are no better than USAA.


I’m sympathetic to you. But you knew they’d charge fees.

There is an actual expense incurred by the bank when you overdraft. They will pass that on. You are in the wrong.

They have to run like a business. The law and being able to stay in business dictates their business decision.


Yes, overdrafts cause problems and fees. You can't expect any bank to lend money without a proper application and approval.

Veteran or not -- money management is your responsibility. Get help.


USAA did not LEND money. They generated fees for overdrafting a bank account, which they then, returned, and charged a fee.

They are not actually "lending" anything they are returning charges and adding fees on top of returned charges. I don't understand how that is "lending" money. They are generating fees.

Forcing me to pay them, and refusing to help. That seems pretty ***

@J R

Of course they lent money when they covered your overdrafts.


They didn’t cover them. They returned them.

My bills never got paid. There was no money lent. Which resulted in them generating an arbitrary fee and the company attempting to collect the bill to charge a returned payment fee. I’m getting double charged return payment fees essentially.

But why is that your question? Is it unreasonable to suggest that taking $800 from me for fees they made up when I am disabled, living on a limited income and am trying to cope with PTSD is wrong?

Those funds are otherwise protected federally. So why is it okay for them to make up an amount of money and steal it from protected federal funds?

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