Albuquerque, New Mexico
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I have noticed that the service at USAA whether banking, insurance, etc has gotten worst in the past few years.Their favorite saying is "sorry" and they all sound as if they are reading a script when they talk with you. Even the supervisors sound like robots.

I would change companies but I'm afraid the service everywhere is going downhill. It use to be a top company regarding service, but no more.I am going to research and see if it is true that they are out scourcing their phone calls.

I also suggest (where legal) we start recording our conversations with USAA so we have proof of what is being told to us.

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I would like to say my experience with USAA has always been very satisfactory and positive. They handle everything on the phone, as there is no local office in the Norfolk, VA area.

Even though all is handled by phone, they have a claims adjustor at the body shop who has been extremely FAIR with all my families' auto claims. USAA was extremely fair to us with homeowner's insurance claims after Hurricaine Isabell a few years ago.

My family has been with USAA for fifty years and I have had auto insurance for fifteen years. They have been very reasonable on the insurance rates, and no one can touch them including State Farm, Geico, Progressive. A company that is extremely fair with their customers as well as providing top notch professional and always courteous service on the phone means I am a loyal customer forever.

Recently I had to make a large charge on my credit card, and USAA helped in that regard, with a large line of credit.

I have excellent credit and a very good rating with my insurance company, USAA. I recommend the company without reservation to all those who are eligible for membership.