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Woman hits me not only does she have usaa but she is an agent with them USAA sucks fails to pay for damages to my truck even though police report says it was her fault bmw fails to yield i hit her police report even states that she failed to yield and that she was in a hurry to pick up her kid i have 2 witnessess in my truck who saw her fail to yield not just that she lies to officer says her friend was behind her and saw the whole accident no one was behind her their was no one their usaa says they wont cover the damages to my truck did you see the old people on you tube that they also ripped off?? Another one of their insured hit them and they wont cover them either! TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE 2 1/2 years ago one of their insured pulled out of a side street also failing to yield he got the ticket he admitted fault my children and neice were hurt in the accident to this day they have not paid a dime in medical, car or any other damages and their guy admitted fault and their was an officer their at the scene who helped me get my kids out of the truck incredible this company continues to screw people over i have a neighbor who told me he was drinking alchohol and caused damages to his bmw he has usaa as insurance he tells us that he was under the influence hit a slick road and caused damage to his car and blamed it on someone else usaa went after a totally innocent driver got the money from them to cover their guy when it was their guys fault our neighbor goes on to say that it sucks for us but usaa will weasle their way out of everything

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They want you to get a lawyer. Most insurers do not deal with a victim directly. Sad, but true.


USAA will gladly take your money while waving flags and vets and apple pie but they are as nasty as can be if an accident occurs.

If you are a vet beware- get State Farm instead.


I have been a member for over 40 years and I let a lot of things slide but no longer. I have been burned on investments, found problems with the banking, been lied to by insurance agents, had to report USAA to the local department of insurance and found many problems with USAA.

Get real -- USAA is not the same insurance company it was 20-40 years ago. It is a different company. It is a cutthroat company and it is much more expensive than other insurance companies. The agents will lie to you.

Face it. It is not the same company that they used to be. They are mainly interested in making money. They censor my comments on their reviews and will not print anything that is negative except about once a month.

All my reviews have been censored.


Don't let these people throw you off. I've been covered by USAA my whole life and when I got into an accident and totaled my 2000 Ford Mustang, which had blue book value of $3,500 at the time, they wrote me a check for $10,500 and called it a day.

This whole process took about a week. The agents were very timely in returning my calls and they were extremely helpful.

@USAA is great

haha this company has been screwing me. i have been trying to pay my payment for the past two months and they wont let me.

They keep telling me they have received the money when it was never withdrawn from my account.

Who would have guessed that these retards associated with the military would be better than a real company? haha

@USAA is great

Total *** USAA cannot be trusted for anything other than to take your money and NOT pay out on claims as needed.

To *** with USAA....worst company ever and I've been with them over 36 years.


I've been with USAA for over 20 years with no problem until recently. I have personal property insurance that I pay for every month but as soon as I placed a claim for a loss of a chocolate and white diamond necklace, they canceled me!!!!!

All because they said my actual date of loss was wrong!!! How the *** would they know? They never paid me yet they chose to cancel my personal property, my homeowners, AND my auto insurance even though the last two had nothing to do with it.

I did NOT make a false claim, I DID lose the necklace, and I've concluded that they just didn't want to pay my. I despise them and they way they run their company!!!!

@Another USAA victim

The reason why the company is going down the hole is because the company is squeezing its employees. have you ever noticed when you call you are almost sold something.

yup, and if the employee doesnt sell you enough..regardless of tenure..your fired.

they get written up and placed on process improvments plan for not saying certain words. that is how it is...and so yea..the service a lot of times is good bc with weekley performance will get picked to be placed on some sort of pip.


usaa sucks rips people off lets innocent children get hurt by their drivers :(

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