Can't access any money for easter weekend due to USAA computer problems...

Due to USAA's internal network problem with their overdraft kicking in for no reason, I am about to go into the four day weekend without access to my checking account funds. Because of the overdraft fault it keeps pulling money from my checking account leaving a negative balance. Well done USAA, thanks for ruining my weekend with no funds available. Sickening.

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24 minutes ago

@Goodstuffhere, We have reached and according to our records; you have been advised that we are having this matter reviewed. While we understand your frustration, we ask that you refrain from additional posts about the situation. As this is seen as “bumping” content—that is to say, posts that serve to repeat existing issues and bring them to the top of the wall. Future posts regarding the same issue will not receive a response and are subject to removal from our wall. While it is our intention to never ban individuals from our page, if a violation of our guidelines is clear, we will remove the content and block the individual. Good Stuff Here

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3 minutes ago

oh wow USAA! getting in my face now when you are at fault. Well done!

It took me 6 months to get $400 back from a vendor with inadequate support from USAA, debit card security breach/hack and not their overdraft protection system is pulling funds from customers checking accounts at will. They did not tell anyone about the overdraft issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Banking Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

USAA Pros: Frustrating.

USAA Cons: Horrible customer service.

Location: 10750 McDermott Fwy, San Antonio, TX 78288

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Hackers leave me feeling infested by persitic fleas USAA like fever infested ticks sucking the last drops


The Ads peppered on this blog are seemingly the epitome of the Corporate puppets USAA is beginning to sound like the ratio of complaints has gotten worse at a far greater rate then USAA. I take into factor they have me by the short hair but like the others would have sent my limping years ago Signed Still lamenting USAA good ole days


All i know is the coward person that is anonymous sounds like a stupid a*$ bllleeeepppp lol. Like really.

This is such an inconvenience to people and there money and obviously you are an employee or sure sound like one cause your frustrated about all the comments against your company, but things like this should and can be prevented if you were doing good business, and had your clients best interest at hand. Just saying. People work hard for there money that they earn and want to spend it when and where they like.

Its its not up to you or anyone else to say they need to hold up and wait for when they can you use it. I can completely understand why everyone would be so pissed.


Anonymous complaints are coward true but Only bullies a jump to ad insult to injury I assume kick em when they are down had served you well.............


Stop your whining and change banks if you hate USAA... I bet if you had access to your funds during the weekend and for some reason the issue was connected to a breach and you woke up to 00.00 you would really be pissed...

wouldn’t you??? If they say they are working on the issue... *** up... stop being a little whiny $&@*^ and be happy you have a bank taking care of your issue...

you sound like someone who has had a silver spoon stuck his hind parts his whole life... I’m assuming since you’re with ISAA that you either are active duty or were at one point...

NUTT UP! Stop acting like a Nancy just because you could blow you load in one weekend...


Haven’t been with USAA long enough to experience the changes in service ay?


It is always a good idea to have two banks,etc. for problems like yours so you can get money when needed it there is a problem.

Now you know. However, it might be wise to just cancel your business dealings with USAA after you sort it all out.


I have emptied accounts from other banks to USAA and still owe USAA I’m told after eight three hours of *** transactions

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