We are getting our first house in 11 years. We have excellent credit; combined income over 200K; no debt. Our USAA loan processing has been the worst I have ever seen (admittedly, I haven't seen much else). I really did not expect their handling of our loan application and processing to be this incompetent and lacking in customer service; I thought the service we would get from then would be on par with their online banking. It is not. We're stuck with them as we have to close in a few days.

I now notice that many USAA employees (past and present) have posted online comments about how miserable it is presently to work for USAA; a recurring theme (both employees and customers) is that their service used to be 'great' but has gone way downhill.

Too bad for all the service members, DoD civilians and retirees who were counting on their continued service.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #682321

My wife and I refinanced our home in San Antonio Texas a few years ago.When we bought our home interest rates were falling ( 2000 ) to all time lows at the time.

So I took an ARM 3/1 and the rates just kept falling to 1%. Even when they started to inch back up the spread was big enough to keep the ARM. In 2009 we finally refinanced and took some cash out to pay off some high interest credit cards. The house is worth 200,000 and after the refi we owed 125,000.

USAA did the refi in a New York Minute! It was a 6.0%fixed note. Now I owe 110,000 and want to refi for a better rate. Our scores are in the high 750 to 780 range.

In March I applied with USAA, after all they were our lender! I was talking to someone in Colorado after overnighting all the documents they asked for I was told that everything looked great. Then they start asking for 2 years tax returns but they could not tell me why they needed them! My wife and I are both retired and I am a 100% disabled veteran.

They know everything including what I had for breakfast so they did not get my tax returns. In talking to other lenders they were just incompetent. We were never advised that they had denied the loan! The other lenders that I have talked to told me that " why would they want to lower the rate of someone who was paying off their loan early and was always on time with their payments!".

I do not recommend USAA as a lender.If they thought I was paying down my loan before just wait and see what I can do in the next five years!!!

Houston, Texas, United States #669925

:( I was told USAA was trying to offer a new level of service with a new program designed to deliver much higher customer service levels and close in fewer days, etc.I am glad that they recognize the need to make some significant changes, however they have missed the mark.

Multiple requests for documents that have been previously provided, Extremely slow response time, and generally poor communication have been rampant during this process. My wife and I are applying for a VA Loan through USAA. Both have 800+ credit scores. I had compared NASB with USAA and they seemed similar, until I got to the fine print and it was too late.

USAA said I would get back $1250 following the loan, however, I did not realize that they were charging me $1900 to bring my points down to where NASB was starting.

Plus additional fees that were covered at NASB.Not only have I been asked for everything shy of a blood sample, but my closing is still not confirmed, but it is supposed to be in two days, and today they are still asking me for things that I provided them almost a month ago.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #664164

I just had excellent service refinancing my home with USSA Home Mortgage company that is independent from USAA.I had some small hiccups but got them fixed quickly with the help of Michael, he stayed in close communication every step of the way.

So we were happy. In today's unstable economy... lots of people everywhere are having problems getting refinanced because the govt just made everything almost impossible. I read the complaints and decide to go ahead with them anyway.

We were not disappointed!Debbi in NC


We also tried to get a mortgage with USAA.We have been members for 33 years and have our car insurance, credit cards, life insurance with them.

We have no debt,including home, net worth is great, income is great and outstanding credit rating. You would think that our measly $200K loan would be a slam dunk. Ha! We have been given the run around, been asked very instrusive questions which boarder upon invasion of privacy, they want to know what, why, when, where and how much we are moving money around.

They are not doing their job, they are asking us to do it for them, claiming government regulations. two weeks later them claim they need answers to another 10 questions, which are harassing. They fall back on claiming its government new government regulation which was just past weeks ago. Sure.

Only if they want to bundle and sell the loans to the government. Keep your mortgage local. We will never use USAA again.

We are moving all our business to elsewhere.


You are all wrong.I did a VA loan with USAA and the experience was great.

The loan lowered my payments by a third and saved my life. The processor was prompt, they lost nothing and it was all done via email and regular mail. The bank has no influence on your appraisal.

It's the law.Get a life.

to DHH Placerville, California, United States #632335

DHH, you are the lucky one.I tried getting VA loan on a well established condo, and USAA wouldn't/couldn't do it.

They wouldn't start the loan process without the VA condo approval number. The condo didn't have one yet. So, I go to the VA for the requirements, and one of the documents required is the "Lender Pre-Sale approval". USAA refused to do the document.

I was reading to the supervisor that it was a simple document and how the VA calculates "Pre-Sale Approval". Multiple Supervisors refused to do the document so I could submit a package to receive the VA approval code that USAA requires to start the loan application. I went to another bank, and they actually did the entire package for me.

USAA just couldn't be bothered with assisting in any of the VA requirements.I was very disappointed.


USAA mortgage-bad IDEA.They just declined my loan 7 days before closing.

I was pre approved, then approved and told I was in better shape than most of their applicants. Had all my inspections, appraisal, and repairs done! All of the sudden today, bam they cannot accept all of sellers closing costs and I have to show liquid assets of over $7000, and to top it off now they say I can't use funds for down that I withdrew from retirement. I wasted time, money, and may lose the home because of USAA.

Very mad right now!

Go local , don't use USAA.I'm meeting with a local lender tommorow, hopefully my seller will wait on me again.


Yes, YOLANDA is a THUG no doubt about it!!She is my supervisor and she is very illiterate and USAA hires people like this under affirmative action programs.

She cannot enunciate her words correctly let alone know ANYTHING about mortgage loans and this is why I, a USAA VA Mortgage Processor, are intentionally "losing" tax documents paystubs appraisals etc that come in to me from you members!!

We are overwhelmed with new files because USAA does not staff like they should.



Hi Joseph!:-) I wanted specifically to tell you that the so called "surcharge" for being in a declining market is not from FNMA.

It is imposed by USAA in order to generate pre paid revenue from your loan.

USAA will attach a "loan level price adjustment" to your loan for a number of factors.Here lies the "rub"- normally, when a loan is sold to FNMA, the seller (that would be USAA) is supposed to absorb those loan costs (because of the compensation received by FNMA to the seller of that loan) anyway I know I am getting very technical here (I worked as a manager in the Secondary Marketing Dept here at USAA last year so I know how this works) but, in a nutshell, USAA is collecting fees that they have no right to collect.


*** Yolanda that processors make minimum wage.I was a closer and made decent money and processors get paid more.

I DO know how overworked the processors are as well as the closers. But I remember once I had a call from a title company asking about a specific loan. In the pods, the processor sat right next to me. I asked her about it.

The loan was supposed to be closing the next day. I was told I don't have time right now to look at tht one. Then, half an hour later, sent me file that was closing in two weeks. WTF?

No time for tomorrow, but two weeks you can do? The customer service from the mortgage dept is beyond laughable.It is the worst customer service I have ever seen. I loved closing and I am a closer at a different company now. I still get to do what I love and with a company that offers much better service.

Until USAA learns to listen to the workers who actually do the job, they will never get it right.Poor customer service is all they will ever get from USAA mortgage.

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