No matter what you need to do stay away from USAA mortgage. We had to supply 3+ copies of the multitude of *** copies they said they needed.

Well over 800 credit score and still had to buy a point. Even had to tell them them why we were moving from our house, all the while they knew our house was sold and closed, why did they think we were moving? They read from copies they said they didn't have. They have driven us crazy!

They kept refusing any and all insurance until we bought USAA insurance, even though it was EXACTLY like the other insurances they refused. STAY AWAY FROM USAA MORTGAGE!

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To the chicks who are usaa processors.if this is how you feel then get the f$&@ out of usaa.find a job that you will enjoy.why in the world are you working with usaa if the work load is too much.let someone else who can handle it take your position.youll just end up getting fired.when enough people complain to managers in usaa about what your admitting to trust me they will be investigating their staff and will start firing people.its not the customers fault that you are overworked and under paid you chose this job no one forced you to do it.instead of taking it out on the clients either quit or go above the management to making a complaint.do you not have a union?


USAA will rip you off and charge you $350 for an Appraisal then turn around and pay the Appraiser $150 then pcoket the rest of the money. They find the cheapest appraissr to do their work for them. They are the worst to work for and we refuse to do any business with them!


I am a current USAA mortgage processor for both the VA and conventional lines of business. I am the first to admit that all the negative comments about the USAA mortgage process and processors are, sadly, correct.

For starters, my co workers were recruited from largely from day labor agencies- that's right, your "loan representative" may have been laying brick or drywalling one day and next day that person is "processing" your mortgage!! Also, we (yeah I admit, I take part in this) make key documents "disappear" if we were having a bad day. For example, a purchase contract or an appraisal can disappear EVEN if you, the applicant keep sending in documents :-) Additionally, voicemails get deleted without getting heard, and emails too (from you, our member). This happens because we resent having the weight of the world on our shoulders while the team leads and Underwriters do almost nothing!! I have caused many closings not to happen- especially purchases when we have the authority to delete entire loan files!

Also, because we are the point-of-contact with the appraiser, title companies, etc., we routinely ask the appraisers to "low ball" the appraisal so the deal falls through. Now, before you start getting all mad at me, please consider the following: If a loan is denied for low appraisal, it is AWESOME because that file falls off our caseload. If the appraisal does come in where we need it to, then it creates a MASSIVE amount of work for us!! It SUXXXX!!

USAA mortgage does not provide us with training and we largely "make it up" as we go along. We do not try to create a bad member experience; however, due to the fact our caseloads aAre so heavy, we do anything possible to "kill" a deal. It sounds horrible, but afterall what would you do if you were one of us?? We don't earn barely above minimum wage and we are 100% "contracted" labor. In other words, we are "temps" and we have no benefits and are expendable!

Make up your own mind if you want to deal with USAA Mortgage- you now have all the facts!!

Melissa K


Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that my credit score is a 780. AND their insurance rates are equivalent to every other company I contacted. Having them as my insurance provider is more of a convenience factor.


I'm closing on a home right now with USAA. No problems AND I get paid over $1K just for using their service...no brainer. Their customer service has been excellent as well.


B.S. Went through the same process.

Sold home...found home...got mortgage...closed, moved in. Total time from closing to closing 42 days. Seamless.

Credit score just shy of 750 didn't have to buy points, insurance they offered was almost identical in price and coverage to others. No problems with them whatsoever.

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