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I have been a member with USAA for over 40 years. They used to be a good loyal and trustful company.But in the last 10 years they have been greedy and terrible with their costumers.

I just had dammage to my house from Hurracane IKE. Not only it took them over a month to send me my check when they did send it I couldn't endorse the check because they put my name along with the mortgage company's name so I had to return the check back to the morgage company witch belongs to USAA ( I have auto, hazard, life and my house is fiananced by them What a mistake I made staying with them!) for them to put the signature on the back of the check then they will send it to me but not unless I fill and notarize other forms things like the-contractor must notarize his work etc. So I still don't have my roof fixed my fence up and not to mention all other damages that was OKEYD by the adjuster. Total coast was $5000.00 and they are making it almost impossible for me to fix my house.

Does that make any since to anybody out there that they would send the check to me but I couldn't catch it and had to return it back to them again for them to sign it? All of the people I know with other insurances after the adjuster made the assessment they were paid on the spot or within the week.Please some body out there help me .

I am a 65 year old single woman and I think they are taking advantage of me. Why did USAA become so corrupted after having such a good reputation for so many years?

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Mortgage.

Location: Houston, Texas

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I have been dealing with USAA about some financial investments I am making (entrusting my money to) with them. My experience so far with them is causing me some suspicions that they will NOT be there for me at the time of a property loss (fire, etc).

They have been courteous, but have made some major goofs in handling the investment -- amateurs!! Because of THEIR mistake causing me loss of interest, they will not stand by them and reimburse me for the mistake THEY made. Not good.

I am looking for another insurance company with good reviews to insure my home and automobiles. I don't trust them anymore.

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