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I had a loan I refinanced, ask the loan officer 3 times if the old loan payment was going to be taken out of my checking acct. she said absolutely not, that the new loan payment would come out in Jan. 2017. They took the old payment out anyway causing my bank to overdraft continuously to a tune of 694.00 . My savings and checking were both drained to pay for the charges and fees. They promised to put the payment back into my acct and pay the...
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Now I'm trying to give the business back to U S A A and what happens? In trying to refinance the same vehicle one week later and now our offer is at 2% higher rate. Another phone mistake with another rep. Got cut off also and called back. Of course, now another rep and having to start over again. We have the same excellent credit, and the same 11 year history with USAA. If I had just filled everything out on line this would have never...
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I didn't like
  • No empathy
  • Lack of understanding
So USAA officially overnighted a denial of our Refinance application. We were supposed to close 5 days ago but the processor never told us about an issue she was aware of until 2 days before closing! The application was open for 6 weeks. They refuse to call back or respond to email! This is not just the processor but the VA LOAN DEPARTMENT MANAGER! Strangely unprofessional. Everything about the application and loan process was normal and...
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