I have been dealing with these people myself. I am not a USAA member but I am the victim of a USAA insured driver who rear ended me in Feb 2016.

I was injured as a result and had some medical bills rack up in the amount of $5906.30. USAA accepted responsibility of all repairs to my vehicle and medical bills. After repeated failed attempts to contact the adjuster assigned to my claim for months after the wreck, I was able to make contact with another adjuster when the original adjuster was out of the office for a week. That adjuster and I came to an agreement to issue me a check for the amount of $6906.30.

She emailed me the Release Of All Claims contract, which I signed and faxed back that same day. About a week later, I received a check in the amount of $1000. I called the USAA number and by this time the original adjuster was back in the office. She told me that I wasn't getting the amount I had agreed to and that I was misinterpreting the Release Of All Claims agreement.

I had an attorney friend of mine take a look at the agreement and was told that USAA was in breach of contract and acting in bad faith. I went back and forth with these USAA crooks for weeks being lied to by the adjuster and management telling me one minute that they were sending me my money and then the next minute telling me I wasn't getting another dime and to contact an attorney if i wanted to. So, I contacted the BBB and Illinois Department Of Insurance instead. Both were fast to take my issue with USAA seriously.

The BBB contacted them right away and I was contacted by an advocate from USAA the day after making my complaint to the BBB. She informed me that their legal department was reviewing my claim. After a few days, the advocate called me back and told me that they issued me a check for the remainder of what was owed. These people are liars and thieves.

If I wouldn't have pursued then as aggressively as I did, they would have gotten away with not paying me. So, don't sit back and let this big company rob you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

USAA Cons: Them holding my money, Employees unwillingness to help, Practices, Lied to, Delayed payment.

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