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I cannot even begin to describe the very upsetting and disturbing event that happened to me recently where USAA customer service literally showed zero concern for the well-being of my family or me. I've been a USAA member for about ten plus years.

Today a check posted in my account for $750.00 that belonged to the account of another person. We are living paycheck to paycheck right now and that money WAS CRITICAL for our survival- literally. A complete stranger's check was posted to my account FOR $750.00. I was treated rudely and dismissively by customer service.

The executive level "solutions" representative was a complete and utter disgrace to customer service and to me. They told me to bad for me and that it was a transcription error and not their fault so I could go pound sand basically. A billion dollar plus valued banking institution tells a member they can shove it when that member's bank account is completely depleted by a complete stranger's check. I was on hold FOREVER, and like I said was just completely dismissed and not listened to.

I am not sitting with almost no money in my checking account unable to provide for my family because USAA says a transcription error is why almost a THOUSAND DOLLARS was taken from my account. Worst of all, they refuse to help in any way. The check was another USAA member and still, they wouldn't do anything. I asked about the checks I wrote that would bounce- they said "too bad".

There was no solution and I should just accept $750.00 Is just gone until the "back office" finds the time to work on it. It was unbelievablez I completely understand how it felt o the depression when people took their money out of banks put it into their mattress. I am so furious right now, it's so upsetting and explaining it to my wife causes a fight because she doesn't understand how our hard earned money could just be taken away wrongly and not immediately put back. I am stunned and very, very, angry and confused.

Warning: if another check that's not yours is wrongly posted to your account USAA will not help you at all. They will only send it on to their mysterious "back office" to work on. I had a $750.00 check post to my account. Not twenty bucks, not 100 bucks BUT $750.00 that I still do not have in my account.

That's right, I'm sitting here almost broke without the means to pay my bills because USAA refuses to even help me knowing the money should be returned. The worst though is how USAA treated me. Their tone and the wait times and the disrespect I was shown with snarky comments by low level and executive level customer service reps was simply astonishing. My family is really upset because of all this.

USAA has really gone downhill over the years. They do NOT CARE about you, only your military paycheck. Money can literally disappear from your USAA account due to a mistake and you could be left with nothing and no way to provide for your family- USAA DOESNT CARE. To sum, I am out $750.00 because someone else's check posted to me account.

I was transferred and put on ten minute plus wait times with other even a reminder someone was still there. All the customer service reps were horrible. They all made snarky commented and simply regurgitated robot lines without any concern for my family's well-being. They didn't sympathize or understand.

They only spat out what their flow sheet said. Disgusting behavior. I literally cannot pay my daughter's daycare bill today. It is due and you must use debit.

I do not have the money. I don't know what will happens but I know whatever it is USAA DOESNT CARE AT ALL AND WILL HUMILIIATE YOU, MAKE SNARKY COMMENTS AND BLAME TOU FOR EVERYTHING BEFORE TRANSFERRING YOU MULTIPLE TIMES ON EXTREMELY LONG WAIT TIMES. I am so angry I have all my insurance and loan products with USAA. I made a huge mistake, don't do what I did.

Find another financial institution who cares about their customers and works dilligently to set things right and has the kind of customer service representatives and policies where they actually won't let a customer slip into debt and despair due to any admin error resulting in the customer's complete bankruptcy. I am so upset that I literally feel sick.

My wife is beside herself and doesn't get how we could just have almost a grand taken from us without recourse. I have no answer except USAA TRULY IS DISGUSTING WHEN IT COMES TO SETTING MISTAKES RIGHT AND HELPING CUSTOMERS.

Review about: Usaa Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Easy to access by phone.

I didn't like: Not reasonable, Having my military service dishonored, No effective complaint resolution process, No follow through, Holding my money.

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This post does not make sense. If a check was debited against your account for any amount than "You Wrote the Check" and the check came from your account!

( if a check was debited against your account that was not written from your account the bank would put the money back as soon as notified.) If you are A USAA member you can see an image of the check and know who wrote the check and how to reach them.

If a check was credited to your account you the check was written from a different account.

God I hate hyperbole -- please the USAA company didn't leave you bankrupt it is because you a spending more than you make!

Suck it up and stop blaming others stop spending more than you make!

to SgtMjr #1305546

jeepsux is just some lay around collecting a government paycheck

Moscow, Idaho, United States #1269940

If you are "paycheck to paycheck", you would probably be better to use a local credit union or small community bank.

Rockville, Maryland, United States #1265575

Yeah I agree, they're customer service has gone down hill in a BIG way across the last 3 or so years.

I thought I was going to stay a USAA customer for life, now I'm keeping an eye out for better deals and more ethical banks.

Quantico Station, Virginia, United States #1265463

Sue them.. Contact the Consumer Protection Bureau in your area.

to Anonymous Sanford, Maine, United States #1271340

i filed a lawsuit

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