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I am disheartened and saddened with the difficulties I've had with USAA after the passing of my 82-year old father... a USAA member for 58 years (Captain U.S.

Marine Corp)! As executor of his estate and providing that information a full month ago, all I've needed for the past 2.5 weeks is a copy of two year-end credit card summaries to prove payment and prevent a non-existent debt from going to collections which will require me to a) hire an attorney and go to probate court b) file affidavits and death certificate with the collection agency and c) remove any liens that may be placed on his property.

USAA agrees I am entitled to this information but:

- they sent it to the wrong department and had to re-request it a week later after I contacted them

- told me (unsolicited by the way) the new request would take one day which I then told the creditor

- receiving nothing after a day so I called in only to be told it would be 3-5 days and there was nothing that could be done

- kindly asked to speak to a manager so I could explain the urgency and they refused to come on the phone and was instead told there was nothing they could do as it was in a different department now (which I wasn't provided info on how to contact)

- tweeted out my frustration and was contacted by some autobot requesting my full info which I provided

- having heard nothing after another 24 hours I replied to the tweet and received the same autobot requesting the exact same info which I AGAIN responded to

- received a phone call during a meeting today (therefore couldn't take it) in which the person read a canned response of 'on behalf of the CEO's office I'm calling to inform you we have received your concern. We are experiencing high volumes and will have a subject matter expert address your concern. Thank you very much for being a member of USAA and have a wonderful day".

They left no call back number, case number, etc. with which I could return a call.

- finally, direct messaged the CEO Wayne Peacock on LinkedIn (of which we share 2nd level connection) only to yet again here nothing but silence.

Despite my sharing screen shots of all this, the creditor has informed me they are filing tomorrow and instead of properly being able to deal with my father's passing I'll be forced to deal with them.

Preferred solution: Immediate release of statements and CxO level apology for abhorent handling of 58-year member who served with honor and pride in war, peace, and life..

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All of this for a collection agency. You are on the wrong track and need to tell the agency to "shove it."


5 days passed since request... USAA could not even meet that.

Received a voice mail last NIGHT from a very disinterested USAA employee. " " Called in but need an extension when you say "returning a call" or "returning a call for credit card department" or... Anyone see an extension above? Nope, so back in the queue and now on terminal hold yet again.

Funny thing is I was given 24 hours to return their call but they seem to deal with issues on their own schedule. Finally, reached someone in CC who was very nice but could only read me the fact the requested statements would have to be mailed (yet another week plus?) as the account holder has passed so it wouldn't do any good to upload there.............

which is why your own person requested they be uploaded to the executor's account! To date: not a single supervisor/manager in the CC department has taken or returned my calls.

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