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As a longtime (over 15 years) customer of USAA for a multitude of their product offerings, including Investment services, banking, credit cards and homeowner and auto insurance, I am qualified to comment about their flawed corporate culture and poor customer service all the way up to the Office of the President. Anyone who watches television must be familiar with USAA’s commercial which runs incessantly (at least where I live in Los Angeles) propounding the message “We know what it means to serve.” Unfortunately, my years of experience with USAA has shown that USAA does not “know what it means to serve their customers/members.” When I challenged a representative in their insurance department that I had numerous experiences where their employees demonstrated that “they do not know what it means to serve” his priceless response was that he had served two tours of duty in the armed services and then hung up on me.

Clearly, he was not familiar with USAA’s commercial or their corporate slogan. I called the Office of the President to bring attention to the lack of common sense exhibited by their employee. They assured me that they would listen to the recorded call. While they agreed with my interpretation of their slogan’s intended meaning that “USAA knows what it means to serve their members” and not only that “USAA knows what it means to serve in the military” they were unwilling to call out their employee for his rude and irrational limited misinterpretation of their slogan and his abrupt termination of my call.

I only wish this was an isolated incidence, but it is not. I have had misinformation and poor service from people in their claims department, credit card fraud department and banking, including by employees with the title of Director. To me it is more important to measure a company by how their respond to legitimate factual complains about mistakes and errors in judgement of their employees and what they to mitigate or correct the error then that they made the mistake in the first place.

But either measure, number of employee mistakes or actions of management to mitigate or correct the mistake, USAA has repeatedly failed with me and thousands of others who voice their issues on a variety of complaint blogs. Just Google “USAA complaints” and see for yourself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

USAA Cons: No rational answers to reasonable questions.

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The people you speak with are not USSA employees. They are employed by a company called Teletech, which is a call center USAA has a contract with.

Teletech will hire anyone that applies even if they are less than intelligent. USAA doesn't seem to care or want to fix the problems and the Teletech Call Centers keep hiring shady people and they don't train them. USAA Members will continue to pay the price. The turn over at Teletech call centers is over 80 percent and the working conditions are rough.

I hope that might give you a little clarity about who you're really talking to.

The caliber of people employed by a company makes the company fail or succeed. If USAA doesn't get out of Teletech they many end up failing too.


Not true.


I have to agree with the other persons comment. You do no specify what exactly you are complaining about.

I have USAA, retired from the military and served in combat. I see no reason to challenge USAA on their slogan for any reason. If you have a legitimate complaint, it does not show in your response. You have no facts or identified any specific reasons why they are not up to your standards.

You only say there are numerous instances of which they did not hold up to what they state in television ads. This review is worthless.


How many examples would you like - I have many. I will start with one.

USAA would not follow my directive to close a compromised credit card account in the name of my son and me without me providing my son's SS# and the last 3 transactions on the card (both my son and I were in different parts of Europe at the time this identity theft occurred and I did not have knowledge of his last 3 charges or SS#).

Note that I have power of attorney on file over all of my son's USAA activities, my name is actually on this particulate credit card account and I personally validated myself to the satisfaction of the agent. Lots of time wasted on an overseas call.


It sounds like you've successfully ticked off over half of the service department and their management. Get to the point of what your specific problem or error is and give people a chance to correct it.

The only thing I got from your post is that you want to whine, complain, degrade and rub employee's faces in to what you perceive to be their ineptness.

People can only tolerate so much abuse. I would most certainly disconnect a call with someone who stepped over the line from a legitimate complaint to degrading another person. I would also back my employees 100% if they were to disconnect the call.

Since you're so unhappy, move on to another company and see how long they put up with you. I'm sure you and your attitude won't be missed.


wow you must work for the company with that type of response. Is that why you sign as Anonymous.


No, I do not work for USAA and never have. I do own and run a very successful business that is in the business of servicing and advising customers.

It does not take too much insight to see that the original poster enjoys making people squirm.

As I stated, he/she clearly crossed the line. When that happens in my world, you will be disconnected.


I guess you are not interested in holding USAA to their motto of WE KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO SERVE. If anyone is pissed off it's me.

If employees, like you, say illogical things in an attempt to justify their statements or inaction, you can count on me complaining. It's people like you who say nothing that allow companies to abuse the trust of their customers or members. Did you read what just happened at Well Fargo? The complaining customers and the LA Times are what took Mr.

Stumpf down (and of course the Senators and Congressmen).

By the way, they have told me many times they would miss my money if I left.