Mandated that a home inspection be done after 3 years of providing home owner' s insurance and informed me that if they found anything wrong with my house that is 90 years old that they can request it be repaired or they will cancel my insurance. They will cancel the insurance if you decline the inspection.

I have been a loyal customer without a claim in this company for over 30 years. This is reportedly completely random and they have contracted with a national company to provide these inspections.

You have no choice and are at their mercy. There is no legitimate reason for this inspection.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Homeowners Insurance.

Location: Purchase, New York

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We just received that same letter. Time to say goodbye to usaa!! My house is only 2 years old!!


Received a call from someone saying they were from an appraisal company for USAA and needed to do a home inspection. I was suspicious as the call was at 7:30pm on a Saturday night.

I tried calling back and got a voicemail that provided no identification. I googled the phone number and name from the caller ID. It belongs to a mobile notary. The next call came at 7:30pm on a Wednesday night.

My husband spoke to him and he couldn’t provide any information as to why the inspection was needed or what the inspection consisted of. We’ve had USAA for several years and never had this situation.


I have a home in Northern Nevada that USAA has been trying to conduct an interior and exterior inspection on for years. I received the letter and multiple phone calls (the latest from National Home Inspection Services 559-435-****) trying to get me to schedule the inspection.

Each time I politely refuse, stating that I cannot travel from the East Coast to the West Coast and disrupt my tenants for a 2-3 hour inspection by a 3rd party independent home inspection hired by USAA. Nor will I allow a home inspector to conduct such an inspection on my property without being present. I have owned this home for more than 15 years; it was built in 1980. It has been insured with USAA since purchase.

I also own several more properties in other states (also insured by USAA) and have yet to receive a request for this same "service" on any of my other properties. As such, I am highly suspect of USAA intentions and, as indicated by one of the posts above, believe they will demand I complete certain repairs or threaten to drop me, while increasing my insurance premiums (which they routinely do anyway) following an inspection.

I will continue to refuse the inspection requests by USAA's third party out-sourced independent home inspection companies.


It's very simple. You refuse their right to inspection, you'll be non renewed for failure to comply to underwriting requirements.

What you're failing to understand is insurance is not guaranteed from one year to the next. When you receive a renewal offer, it's a notice of invitation to accept the offer by paying the premium or decline the offer by failing to pay.

Each time an offer to renew is sent and accepted, a new contract is bound. Last year's contract is not this year's contract.

Most likely it has changed slightly, sometimes drastically, it's up to you to review it with a licensed, professional agent.

The same holds true for your insurance provider. They must, periodically and randomly, review their risk. Risks change and no insurance company should bind coverage and offer to renew without reviewing their risk.

It is not cost effective to review the risk of every property annually, but when your risk comes up, they reserve the right, by contract language, to inspect.

This is the case with every insurer. You will find nothing different with any other company. If you have repairs to make, make them.

It's the obligation if a homeowner to maintain their property. If you choose not to, find another carrier who will be able to charge the proper rate for the risk your property brings to the company and their policyholders as a whole.

Keep in mind, USAA is a Mutual Company, just like State Farm and Nationwide. They are owned by their policyholders.

Therefore, your bad risk or increase in risk effects my rate along with all of the Mutual policy owners. Take care of your property and we're all happy.


Not entirely accurate. Per the language of the policy contract itself, if the policy is more than 5 years old, they can only non-renew your policy for certain specific reasons.

Failing to let their representative in to inspect the property is not one of the stated reasons for non-renewal in the contract. Here is the actual policy verbiage: "5. Non-renewal ...

C. If insurance has been issued to the "insured" and has been in effect with us for five or more years, we will not exercise our right to nonrenewal unless: 1)The policy was obtained through misrepresentation or fraud; or 2)The risk originally accepted has measurably increased; or 3)The "insured" has received 60 days notice of our intention not to renew."


USAA contacted me and said by Texas state law they had the right to inspect and take pictures inside and out. I call our State Representative and also USAA.

There is no law, there is nothing in my policy that says I have to allow this and by the Texas Department of Insurance, they cannot cancle your policy but my elect not to renew is when the time comes.

USAA has forgotten that it is a member owned company.

It is out of touch and out out of control and it's sad, it use to provide a great service.


:( They did this to me this year-I got a letter after more than a decade of property insurance that they will not cover me anymore-USAA doesn't care about their customers anymore-what a shame!


This is common practice among top rated insurance companies. They are covering themselves and making sure you're as little of a liability as possible.

I'm not saying it's fair or right by any means, I'm just saying I've seen insurance companies mandate a fence on a deck be a certain height so the liability will be lessened for them or they would cancel the policy. You are right though, you are at their mercy.

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