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2018 was terrible year for me, I never knew how vicious a company could be. In 2018 my husband a Vietnam Veteran passed away after a battle with cancer.

I as the spouse, did what you normally do with your banking, changing accounts into just my name I kept our joint account in my name put it "for the estate of my husband" One of the USAA.

Customer service agents helped me set it up I submitted the information dd214 and death cert to USAA. That was in March. In June I moved to Paradise Ca. It seemed like everything was fine until November 8 2018 that's when I found out how cruel that company can be.

I was evacuated due to the Campfire fire. The only road left to drive out of the fire zone was into the fire.I was forced to park my car I left everything in the car I took my purse and my phone and the dog. The next time I see my car it has been burned to the ground. I contacted USAA to file a claim, No answer from the claims person, finally they call back, I asked about the insurance covering the content s of the car.

I was told they only pay $250.00 for contents, then they said they would waive the $500.00 deductible. They never went to the tow yard to take pictures of the car, I did I sent the photos to them. When it came time for the final payout for the car. They deducted the $500.00 that they waived.

I told them that I was told the deductable was waived, I was told you have to pay the deductible, things start getting worse. I buy a car I get insurance through USAA. I get the 1st bill it is almost $200. a month.2times more then before.

I look at the billing I see errors in the coverage, I call I get a very rude person, he changes the policy, sends the copy for me to sign to the wrong address. it is Feb 2019, I am still having a problem with them. I told another rude agent just close the account, I'll find other insurance. I did get other insurance.

USAA. Starts attacking my checking accounts, I see transactions I have never made, whch caused my accounts to become overdrawn. I am told my account had been hacked, they are sending me a new debt card. So I transfered funds to the other account I went to check on the balance on that account, I cannot access the account,it needs a signature card signed, so, I sign it, it wants my husband's signature who is deceased, I call again, I am told unless my husband signs it they cannot release funds in that account, I tell them it is for the estate of.My husband, they deny it.

My credit card bills are due and I cannot make a payment. I called explaining my situation, they refused to help me even though it is their fault. finally get the debt card it doesn't work I call again, oh sorry we sent you the wrong card. We are sending another one.meanwhile I have no money to pay bills they had locked up my money.

I checked on my credit cards and found one account closed. And paid in full, they took my CD account and paid off my credit card and closed my credit card. I had had enough of them, I called to close all accounts. They refused to close accounts saying they can't.

They took the other CD account and paid off the other credit card, one checking account was finally closed, no money has been refunded to me. They have taken my son's name put his name on the credit card and submitted it to a credit reporting company as if it was his card. I just looked at experian, USAA has entered 9 times to collect when they have already used my CD account to pay off the credit cards.

They are deliberately ruining my credit. It has been over a year I have had problems with them.

Now to top all this off I get a letter from USAA. Telling me that because they paid my claim they are suing PG&;;;;;E for paying claims.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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