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In late February 2018 I was in a 2010 Ford Focus sitting at a light the next thing I heard was tires squealing and a very hard impact which in turn made me hit the vehicle in front of me. I was taken to the hospital in Olympia Wa St.

Peters and was there all day long with them doing test on me and xrays. I have full coverage with USAA even paying for 50,000 PIP coverage. I have been paying since 2009 with no accidents. After my hospital time I was able to get information the person that hit me was uninsured and suspended driver license.

I talked to USAA and they notified me that my car was a total lost and they arranged a rental car for a week. I received the rental car but did not received any payment for the lost of my car until about two weeks after I was forced to turn in my rental car. That left me with no way to get back and forth to my medical appointments or work. I asked for an extension as I never received any monies for my wrecked vehicle.

I was turned down so had to figure out a way to get to my appointments. This was nothing but a major hardship and for the years I paid into USAA I seen their commercials showing how great they are but in Reality their just like any other insurance Company if you get in an accident. I have been going to a Chiropractor and Physical therapy to try and get better. Knowing I paid into a PIP plan they should pay the Chiropractor and Physical therapy.

Well was I ever wrong they paid for about 2 months of being seen and then just stopped paying even know I still had over 30000 of PIP left. They stated I didn't need the medical help I am seeking as their doctor told them that even know their doctor never even seen me just read my hospital visit. Lucky I am a Veteran so I was able to go to the VA for my medical care that I need and had multiple MRI done and also had multiple injections due to pain. The MRI showed I do in fact have medical issues that require me to see specialty doctors multiple times.

Now if I would of went on the outside for the treatment I would have huge doctor bills to pay due to USAA denying payment. I did about 3 months later going to the Hospital find out that USAA didn't even cover that whole bill so I am stuck with paying monies for my hospital visit after my accident. This caused me to have to get an Attorney to fight my own insurance just so I can get the medical help I need.

I am racking up bills with Physical Therapy and Chiropractic and not sure what the bill is with the VA. I am not happy with USAA in its handling with one of their own in time of need like they show on the commercials or the radio

I still am currently attending all my medical and I gave the owing money from the Hospital to the VA due to it was an auto accident they said they would cover the owing cost that USAA should of paid but didn't out of the PIP I have been paying on every year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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