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The vast majority of customer service agents are great. They are helpful, knowing that alot of what they experience with frustrated account holders like myself is not their fault.

Many times I have had to apologize, and tell them I am sorry for venting my frustration on them. It's the core banking and system itself. They boast excellent customer service and integrated tech makes up for no branch banks, it does not. I also have Wells Fargo accounts, I see no substantial difference.

In fact I seem to get more out of Wells Fargo, and of I have to, I can go into a branch. This is especially pertinent when you have high balance accounts, or you need to make high balance purchases. USAA seems to place a lot of limits regarding what you can do with your own money, even after you go through all the verifications.

Been trying to get a hold of customer service all day. I will be on hold, then get a "we're experiencing technical difficulties", it will hang up in you.

Or, as you're waiting it will hang up on you, or you actually finally get a living person, you feel like you're getting somewhere... then they say they are going to place you on a brief hold, then as you're on hold it hangs up.

I used to have them for Car Insurance, dropped them like a bad habit. I liked the thought of all my banking, car, home,, and life insurance through one company- USAA. GEICO was far cheaper, (full coverage), and GEICO's response time and mobile app, excellent!

There are better solutions, and it beats the one stop shop... especially when execution of the service is poor.

Recently ordered a cashiers check, paid for it to be expedited. Being told they don't know when it will be delivered, because there is a disruption in their, (USAA), mail service. The funds have been dedicated, and if I cancel the check...

then I have to wait 90 days for my funds to be returned to me. Insanity.... they are using your money to make money, but even if the customer service agent wants to help you, they go to a senior supervisor and nothing.

USAA - DO NOT DO IT, there are way better options. Their front line people are great, the organization and top management that create these issues, well for a lack of a better term....

really suck. I will be closing this account, not the organization it was.

User's recommendation: Bank somewhere else.

USAA Pros: Great front line agents.

USAA Cons: Wait times are insane, No branches, Services does not make up for no branches, Mail disruptions, Always having technical issues.

Location: Rio Linda, California

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