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Update by user Dec 05, 2020

My apologies on my grammar i know its not the best please try to look past that thank you Still no Justice. I spoke with a Mr.

Gus Garcia and he was not able to answer any of my questions that made any kind of sense. Heres a few he could not answer ...1. Why was my debit card not cancelled immediately once i called in to report this on july 16 2018?2. Why was my checking account never secured, no action was taken to keep my account safeguarded why?3.

Why did usaa continue to honor checks that I had already deemed fraud against my account still being honored after.Questions he did answer...1. How is it that usaa allowed my account to go negative over $3000 especially sense i did not have overdraft protection. Mr Garcia and Usaa answer "theres really no such thing as overdraft even though you did not want it because you chose not to have it you still have it. Really because i never have been able to go negative before .2.

Why on earth would usaa mail out my debit card and pin together to addresses I told them were not mine several times before.Mr Garcia and Usaa answer "well i don't think we actually mail them together what we mean is that you can use the same pin number ."No you actually state debit card with pin mailed to confirmed address by confirmed person. How I never confirmed it.3. You say you are not responsible for anything but yet why are there at least 4 different addresses on my account and some are again never were mine haven't been mine and well just plain wrong. I can continue to go on about the entire conversation about the rest but i think you can see how this ends.

NOWHEREBut i was able to speak to a couple of Usaa's customer service reps clearly neither one knew one to say, I did manage to get one of them to fax me the check images of the fraudulent checks that started this whole disaster, these are the same check images i have been asking for and was told they were no longer available. They were lost they did not have them. Well I have them now and its mind blowing to me how it is that usaa actually let these pass through as valid. what's more mind blowing is the fact that once i confronted usaa about this the customer rep stated to me that usaa and mobile deposits are not set up to identify fraudulent checks or fake ones that no mobile deposit system is able to determine if a check is fake or not.

I dont understand how anyone can say that because that is outrageous. Check numbers did not match. the names were either not my name or completely mispelled. the pay amount did not even match the amount written out.

it is completely crazy .

Ms Vicky Bonney and Mr Wayne Peacock who are CEO's at Usaa are i can only assume are refusing to speak to me to resolve this because i have yet to hear from them . Mr Garcia is now refused to return my emails or calls .Why is that.Should i just give up now or can a lawyer help unfortunetly i cant afford one

Original review posted by user Nov 05, 2020

I was a member with USAA for over 10 years no issues.

Until July 2018 when my purse was stolen. July 16 2018 that's when I realized my purse was missing.I called usaa because I was locked out of my account and let them know my purse was stolen along with my ID my debit card my phone and the check I had done a mobile deposit on.

That's when I found out that my account was negative over $3000 how I don't have overdraft protection several checks were deposited in my account and then money taken out at the atm. I told usaa my account and debit card had been compromised to cancel my debit card and not to honor any checks coming through because they were fraudulent with the exception of the one deposited on July 10 2018 I told them that all charges after the atm withdrawal of $260 on July 10 were unauthorized charges i filed a dispute so I thought usaa did nothing they did not cancel my card or secure my account and they continued to honor the fraudulent checks . Instead they locked me out of my account I never regained control of my account again I called constantly asking them to please help they refused to give me access to my account I have disability benefits only. They finally did a dispute in August but by then so much damage was done i never recovered because they never secured my account i was still locked out of my account I had no idea what was going on with my account I asked for bank statements only to be denied I called over and over constantly I sent email after email some went thru some did not I was contacted by someone a year later in 2019 who said he worked with the CEO office but he was very vague on his information another person called weeks later.

he didn't care this continued for 7 months money was being stolen from my account I called telling them it was not me to please secure my funds stop sending my info to unknown addresses still no access to my account in October they closed my account and then someone reopened it the next day no one knew why and the person who did it left work and never came back. No one could explain that. Since October i never even had a debit card so how is it that usaa tells me I'm responsible for everything I had no access to my account online or otherwise no debit card They Usaa continued to let the thief steal my money and what the thief didn't take usaa did I had employees say that usaa messed up they should of switched my account but they kept the same account that was compromised they did not secure it . Their reasons for stating im responsible is no pin fail no pin change of course you sent my card with pin number together to the thief same geolocatoion of course you sent them my info card pin number multiple limit increase on my phone yes they stole my phone.

They said they sent it to a verified address and verified delivery verified by who not verified by me. Merchant verification by statement of charges. I asked for that never received it they refused. All of which can not be used to deny a claim .

I asked for all the information they used to come to this decision month after month finally 2 years later they send me bank statements that have wrong info wrong address they put my ex-husband on the statements we haven't had an account together since 2014 so I know they were made up after the fact and they sent me 4 pieces of paper with different claim numbers and the reasons why they denied me which i stated they can't use as a reason Its a mess I don't think they want me to understand it So if I called usaa told them of the fraud they locked me out of my account they did not secure my account they continued to allow the thief to steal my money they stole my money I did not have a debit card I never regained control of my account again and they did nothing isn't that where my responsibilities ended and they became completely liable for all the damages that followed.

Because of usaa failure to secure my account I lost everything I have been homeless because of this and no one at usaa seems to care one single bit so please someone help me I've tried everything All I want is to have my account reopen all monies returned that was stolen through fraud the money that usaa took out of my account from July 11 2018 thru March 2019 which is when I did not have access to my account and no control of it or debit card I don't even care about fees or interest or an apology I just want my life back my money I worked hard for. I did everything I was supposed it didn't change anything they still have my money and I'm still homeless

User's recommendation: Do not bank with them they have several violations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Checking Account.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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