A guy insured by USAA opened his car door into my moving car and did approx $3K damage to my new car. It was unintentional but he admitted it to police.

USAA will still not commit to covering the damage. They will not accept a photo unless their repair shop takes it, and still no commitment to pay for the fender and door (which will not open more than 12 inches now). The Police report did not satisfy them even though it states that the guy said he "did not see me" (his way of admitting that it happened but was unintentional). This is the worst experience with an insurance company that I have ever had.

Geico insures me but I don't think they should have to pay for damage done by someone insured by USAA. I have remained cordial and professional with USAA but my patience is running out.

Is it time to get an attorney? Enough of USAA!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Same thing happened to me a guy opened his car door and I was already passing him. He pretended to cell police and he actually was in a no parking , he gave this stupid excuse actually said the police take report over the phone..

I called when I got home doesn't matter if they admit it or not they are responsible.

His insurance company came out to survey my car the guy went back and said I said I admitted it's all my fault , like yeah! Ok I'm trying to get my car fixed why would I even say that, I don't need to lie if it was my fault, then I would admit it CTFU!!


You should go through Geico and let them deal with USAA. Since you aren't at fault they will make sure you are taken care of. I did it the wrong way myself once, which is how I learned.


Yes. I learned this the hard way.

NEVER go through the other persons insirance. Go through yours. Your insurance company has lawyers who do the work for you. I have always had USAA insurance.

A Geico driver hit me. She was drunk and ran a red light. I went through geico (thinking it was their fault their insurance should pay) the insurance adjuster went through various levels of blame against me. He said I was 75 percent culpable bc it was my choice to go at my green light I should have been more aware of the drunk driver barrelling through their red light and chosen not to go.

I called USAA at this point and they said they couldn’t help me bc I had already gone through the other persons insurance. I literally got this geico rep to finally pay for my claim out of pity. Point being. It seems to me EVERY insurance company will try to screw the person who doesn’t pay their bills.

Not that USAA is perfect. I’m just giving advice for people in the future.

Go through your own insurance! Every time!


You should file through Geico, they will fix your car and collect from other company. Either way it will show up as a claim because all companies share data.


Yes, I'm with you!

They refuse to pay for 100% of damages caused by their client even with police reports. They will just use after market parts to fix your car and give you all the *** explanation about their policy. It makes you like a bad guy trying to rob them. All I can say is that USAA auto claim people are CHEATERS and DISHONEST CHEAP!!

Yes, I'm being robbed too!


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