So due to my max limit for a Mobile Deposit was $1000 I was forced to mail my check to San Antonio TX for deposit! I sent it overnight for the $28 and they received the check at 930 am.

I called customer service to find out when the check would be deposited and I'm told that it won't post to my account for 2-3 days!!

I don't know about anybody else but when you present a check at a normal bank it posts to your account the same day, and obviously the size of the check may cause a hold for a few days!!

I guess USAA bank is above the rest of all other banks and will post at there leisure!! I for one will be finding a new bank cause USAA is quite possibly the worst bank I've ever dealt with, make you feel like a criminal, 0-5 rating they are a ZERO!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Check Deposit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

USAA Pros: Customer service very nice.

Location: Garfield, New Jersey

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More lies about USAA, an outstanding company. Fired former employee?? Also a great place to work.


Not a lie nor a former employee, and the facts are as stated!! No places to deposit anymore, mobile deposit limits and sent a deposit overnight to San Antonio TX and still hasn't been deposited!!

I guess you are a employee of theirs?

They tawt they are all for the Military, haha I'm a vet and get treated like garbage!!

Speak for yourself and don't make assumtion laugh about who I am!!


Get a life! Obviously, you "work" for USAA and your abilities are sub-par and this is the only way you can get a promotion. Get off the company computers and do your job!!

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