Usaa Check Deposit Reviews

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00 dollars in my checking like I do every two weeks now the put a hold on it cause they say it's because my average deposit for the last month was lower then 700.00. Never had a bounce check made my payments on time for my Usaa credit cards but still put a hold on my account for four business days what a inconvenient it made for me to pay bills talked to a couple people not would not lift the hold so when I get my cards paid off going to enother...
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I liked
  • Usaa back in the day
I didn't like
  • Complete lack of customer service
Here is how backwards USAA is. I can not deposit a check into my account because they no longer use UPS and they do not have any physical locations. So when I tried to do the online deposit I was refused. They said it was because I do not use my account enough and I had 5 over drafts in a year. Please some one make sense of this for me!?! First I transfer money into my account on a regular basis several times each month. Why would you not offer...
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So due to my max limit for a Mobile Deposit was $1000 I was forced to mail my check to San Antonio TX for deposit! I sent it overnight for the $28 and they received the check at 930 am. I called customer service to find out when the check would be deposited and I'm told that it won't post to my account for 2-3 days!! I don't know about anybody else but when you present a check at a normal bank it posts to your account the same day, and...
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I liked
  • Customer service very nice
  • Do not use
I have been a Member with USAA since 1997. I will no longer deal with these condescending snobs. I deposited a check for $1500.00 thru easy deposits provided by UPS. USAA has never put a hold on my checks until now. This particular check has a 7 day hold on it. I called USAA, talked to a Representative who treated me like a child. I asked to talk to a Supervisor and she was even worse. She talked down to me, was condescending, even told me to...
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