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May 6, 2008


9800 Fredricksburg Road

San Antonio, Texas 78288

Attn: General Josue Robles

Re: Auto Account 139 59 42

Dear General Robles,

I have been a member of USAA for 34 years. My parents have been members for over 70 years. My ex-husband, his wife and my three children are all current members of USAA because of me. In my 40+ years I have been in no accidents and have an excellent driving record. I have never been late with a payment and have never missed one payment in all these years.

When I moved from Arizona to California in 1996, USAA came with me. When I moved from California to Washington in 2006, USAA came with me. Last month I moved back to Arizona and called USAA to give my change of address. Much to my dismay, I was informed by a service representative that USAA would not be able to renew my auto insurance in August! He implied that it was because USAA was no longer insuring in Arizona. I was flabbergasted.

This week, I received what I can only describe as a rude form letter from you that told me that I was not being renewed due to “the manner in which your account with the bank has been handled.” WHAT?? I have never mishandled my account with USAA.

I called a service representative to complain and finally found out that your canceling me has really to do with my bankruptcy (filed in 2002). “Policy,” he said.

Millions of Americans have had to file bankruptcy in recent years. Mine is off the books in about eight months and has never affected USAA. My current credit rating is in the mid 600’s, which is great considering.

I can’t imagine that canceling my auto insurance would be a “prudent” move by USAA.

I ask you to reconsider and ask for a formal apology.


Barbara A. Montgomery

2135 N. Treat Ave., #8

Tucson, AZ 85716

USAA account @# 139 59 42 (1974)

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

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until people admit they have financial problems because of there own decisions and stop blaming other they will never be able to get out of the situation.Living beyond ones means is what happen, plain and simple. You can blame it on social security or medicare or the mid east oil people or what eve,r but it all is in our own control.


we were going to check rates with USAA, but after seeing some of these reviews, we'll move on

:? :?


You're researching the wrong type of site to help make a decision on whether to use a company or not. Why don't you check consumer reports and financial rating companies to help you make your decision, not a site that shows bitter people who are probably only telling 1/2 the truth in their stories.

@Get Real

Half the truth...bitter people. Thanks for making a rash generalization.

@Get Real

I agree


Good call. I have USAA and am slowly moving all my accounts and banking services away from them.

They have definitely changed. They no longer care about their customers and its all about profits for them. From what I understand they are middlemen for most of their banking products anyways. So you can more than likely get a better deal.

I have ran over $100,000 through them and they have a bad habit of being rude and not budging if you need help.

I am now going to a local bank with bank tellers I can deal with face to face. STAY AWAY FROM USAA!

@usaa doesnt care

I agree. :p


We at USAA can do anything we want to do. If we want to drop anyone like a hot cake or decide not to pay on any claim you have we can do that.

If you don't like how we treat you too bad so sad. Move on. There are other companies out there. You are really *** as far as our company can see it.

Anyone who has any complaints abot our company we auto stop their policy and we will not re-new their policy when it comes up for renewal. We are happy that we no longer insure a pain like yourself.

@USAA Customer Service Manager

If anyone is smart, you know this post is not from a Customer Service Manager. :grin


I've been a member of usaa for 22 years and have loved all services. Unfortunately after losing my job I was hired at a new company at a significant loss of pay.

Not everyone who has trouble paying their bills is lazy.

It's just unfortunate that since I was not the best saver/investor, the recession of 2010 affected my family and because of that I will lose my USAA membership. :cry


I strongly suggest you redact your USAA number and home address from your post. You're giving identity theft criminals a head start. There's a reason USAA never lists your USAA # anywhere on their site.


USAA is a fine company some people think insurance companies are banks ! These people forget that insurance companies are sharing in the risk as all members this is the reason these companies have to be stringent in the policy they adhere too.

USAA musthave done something right for that women for she kept coming back for more..

Her banking problems were hers and only hers not USAA. Bad rosk to make payment the companies I service would have cancelled her as well.


The policies that have to do with Bk have changed that last few years so as long as you dont owe money on your account you can come back and we're a safe company but putting your profile info on an online form that anyone can access is not a smart idea. We have several levels of member security but still should be a little more careful.


USAA seems to write alot of "great advice" on their website about recovering from Bankruptcy..but then they cancel you from insurance if you file. It really doesn't matter if you have insurance with them anyways..we have filed two claims in the past two years and have paid them for insurance for 20 years now and were denied on those claims with bull reasons on why they wouldn't cover it.

Besides those two claims we only filed one other one in the 20 years we were with them!

Hopefully someone is getting the money I have paid them for insurance. Also..you get treated like a criminal when you claim something..so really..what is the point.


I work for USAA and am not familiar with a scenario in which a member would be cancelled for having filed a BK. Uncollected charges are a different matter.

BK allows for the legal absolution of debt, uncollected simply means you owe money and don't want to pay. Arrangements can be made to clear even those charges, and barring issues of fraud, moral turpitude or other criminal activity, once cleared, a member can be issued a policy.


While your situation is unfortunate, I question the intelligence of anyone who posts sensitive customer information like first last name, address, and customer number in a public forum.


Many states preclude adverse action based on BK. The point here is that but for the grace of God go I....many people get into situations they never thought possible and end up in this type of situation.

You all are neglecting to see an insurance customer with 30 years of history with this company and excellent credit with this company. This company has changed in a significant way since they allowed anyone in the military only organization. Watch for a documentary now beign prepared about long term members who have had cancer, death...horrible obstacles--that USAA just shut the door on. In the same program you will see how USAA treats younger policy holders and those with cancer and other fatal diseases.

The trush shall prevail.

For the snotty person who judges people on whether they have had a BK--you don't even have a solid understanding of the procedure, so please don't judge until you have reviewed Ch 13 and Ch 7. then come back.


I read through several of the comments and "incidents". From the "I don't pay my bills, why cancel me?" to the "I am with Progressive, why is USAA not paying me and now I am going to die"

First, get a life and get off the internet.

Second, I have been a USAA member for 20 years and am passing it on to my children. They have never had a problem paying out or steared me wrong.

Third, repeat first.

@Big M

I am a business owner who actually makes things happen and is successful. My experience with USAA is Stay Away!

Now if you are like the *** above who coasts through life and doesn't have banking needs beyond a checking and savings account, fine. But USAA is not an institution made for clients who have financial needs beyond that.


When you are not responsible enough to handle your own finances I can wonder on so many senerios on how a company like USAA who is a financial provider would be affected! A letter arrives that says you had an issue with the bank after a bankruptcy, so lets makes this easy for the other people.

-- Barb owes Rob money, Barb is lazy and doesnt pay on time and then gets more problems that leads to having no way to pay anything to anyone, so Rob gets nailed with someones debt. Rob isn't happy, hmmmmmm. Rob doesnt like that person anymore.--

I think anyone that has that situation wouldn't either.

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