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May 6, 2008


9800 Fredricksburg Road

San Antonio, Texas 78288

Attn: General Josue Robles

Re: Auto Account 139 ** **

Dear General Robles,

I have been a member of USAA for 34 years. My parents have been members for over 70 years. My ex-husband, his wife and my three children are all current members of USAA because of me. In my 40+ years I have been in no accidents and have an excellent driving record. I have never been late with a payment and have never missed one payment in all these years.

When I moved from Arizona to California in 1996, USAA came with me. When I moved from California to Washington in 2006, USAA came with me. Last month I moved back to Arizona and called USAA to give my change of address. Much to my dismay, I was informed by a service representative that USAA would not be able to renew my auto insurance in August! He implied that it was because USAA was no longer insuring in Arizona. I was flabbergasted.

This week, I received what I can only describe as a rude form letter from you that told me that I was not being renewed due to “the manner in which your account with the bank has been handled.” WHAT?? I have never mishandled my account with USAA.

I called a service representative to complain and finally found out that your canceling me has really to do with my bankruptcy (filed in 2002). “Policy,” he said.

Millions of Americans have had to file bankruptcy in recent years. Mine is off the books in about eight months and has never affected USAA. My current credit rating is in the mid 600’s, which is great considering.

I can’t imagine that canceling my auto insurance would be a “prudent” move by USAA.

I ask you to reconsider and ask for a formal apology.


Barbara A. Montgomery

2135 N. Treat Ave., #8

Tucson, AZ 85716

USAA account @# 139 ** ** (1974)

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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i have been with usaa for 25 years. never had any issues.

if you keep you credit healthy you will never have any issues .

if you cannot make educated financial decisions then even organizations like usaa cannot keep you satisfied. so stop crying and fix your personal finance.


This is false. USAA has changed alot in only the past 5 -10 years.

Theyve institued AI algorithms that make decisions on customer accounts without the discretion of human representatives, leading to questionable decisions being made without taking into account all of the factors involved.

Your reply reveals your lack of information. It also makes you look like an internet troll and therefore should be disregarded as the rantings of an old crank.




Much the same happened to my family, after 60 years!


If USAA doesnt write or do business in AZ no longer then they would not be able to provided auto insurance anymore get over it


I filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and it didn't have an effect on my insurance. I can't imagine that being a cause to drop your policy.

If this was explained as "policy", it must have been changed. I've never had any complaints with USAA, they have always treated me well.


Umm. I know for a fact insurance companies cancel policies due to bad credit.

I also know USAA pays people to post fantastic things about them that are not true. :cry


It happened to me. I filed for BK and now they are treating me like a criminal.

I have been a customer for almost 12 years. They flagged my families accounts too. We are all being treated like second class citizens. We are military and military family.

We use to be treated with respect. I have never miss used my accounts, they has always been in good standing. My life insurance was not renewed, I can not access the web site. I can only access the mobile site which does not work half the time.

I got tired of calling Tech Support. I give passwords, phone passwords and I still have to answer more questions, even though I answered them correctly. Their Customer Service is horrible. They sound nice at first, but they are horrible.

Every check deposited within the past year is put on hold move 6 to 10 days. Its 2015, are they checking payment status via Post office on a horse? Why should I beg for someone to do business with me.



Yes they canceled due to bad credit yes they canceled because of a leftover balance of a dollar or more, yes they cancel due to repeated roadside assistance requests ( even though they will claim that such request have no bearing on the status of your policy or your rates) The fact of the matter is that USAA is not the company that used to be. Many changes have taken place over the past few years that have scene a steep decline in public opinion of the company.

A simple Google search will show you all the proof one would need to back up what I just said. One thing I've noticed in particular in dealing with USAA and its customers online is that when it comes to the baby boomer generation, you're seems to be the prevailing attitude and expectation of permanence that can only be described as delusional. The world is changing and along with it the companies that used to be able to be relied upon 4 stoic dependability. That is simply not the world we live in anymore.

And USAA is included in that world. And I don't like it anymore than anyone my parents age does. But to expect that the service you received yesterday will be the service you receive today is faulty and sometimes dangerous thinking. I suggest do you what I suggested to my parents.

Review your contracts and review who you think is loyal to you. Because somewhere in your web of service providers, at least one of those companies is getting ready to try to screw you over. And it's probably the one you trust the most. A word to the wise.


Just like in the comedy stylings of the spokesman of the baby boom generation, Gallagher said.."This is a new show, this is a new year, this is a new day...welcome to today." And be ready to say goodbye to the way it was. Those days, sadly...are gone.


this bank is losing it bad reps bad service id rather be local any day they used to be good, now its ***


OMG get real. USAA doesn't just cancel people for no apparent reason.

As far as no insuring in Arizona, you're full of ***. I've had my insurance with USAA since 2006 in Arizona.

I'm sure there is something that you're leaving out of your story like your *** driving record or the fact that you probably were canceled because of a non payment cancellation.

It's websites like this that *** me off because it brings irresponsible liars out of the woodwork who cant take responsibility of their own actions


Actually, they have been cancelling, and they legally have that option. I know of many folks in exactly her position that have had good standing with USAA, but had dings on their credit reports and USAA has cancelled them.

Never on the bank accounts- there they just restrict use.

In the last 3-4 years I have seen the overall value of the USAA product go down. Maybe it's time to stop sponsoring the Army-Navy game and airing ads?


I could not agree more. USAA is doing a great job marketing to gain market share while old salts like me 15+ year member are getting shafted. My favorite comment from a executive resolution staffer was "all banks have glitches."


Oh look, another paid USAA troll. USAA is terrible to their employees and they charge way too much for coverage. :roll


Angry man. Wow.

And you dont even know the full story yet. The hatred you expel outward had its genesis inside you.

Self hatred is not an attractive quality. I suggest you get some anger management therapy......itll be ok bud.


USAA has since change dramatically it no longer truly takes care of its members like it in the past. USAA has become a company first, customer last mentality.

To all personnel saying this company is great and so forth, you will truly see this once you have to file any type of insurance claim.

They really cut around everything to give you the least possible, ask questions and read the fine print in your policies. FYI.


I agree that USAA no longer takes care of it's members. I'm very disappointed in their customer service. They've made dramatic changes to my account, for unjustifiable reasons and when I try to understand what's going on, I get left on hold for long periods of time only to be told "it's policy".

I used to be a big fan of USAA. Their staff was friendly, helpful and tried to solve problems. That has not been my experience in the last 12 months.

@Shakeyla Lxp

Yep, been with them about 25 years. The customer service reps used to be great.

Now they are the biggest bunch of incompetent fools I've ever spoken to. My conversations with them regarding a policy issue was like something out of a sitcom. It would have been comical had it not been so sad.

Apparently there is little to no training being completed before handing somebody/anybody a phone & letting them give out inaccurate & downright silly answers to their policy holders. Still dumbfounded by the whole experience and alarmed that their answers might someday *** me in the buttocks.


This is a tragedy. Businesses always claim they are serving the customer, but this is the reality.

Corporate America has enough power that they can affect your financial health in a negative way without consequences. Your only recourse as a consumer is to shop elsewhere.

It's important to keep in mind that the actions of an individual do not always align with a company's policies. Just because you receive a letter with company logo doesn't mean the issue is set in stone.

You can always escalate an issue to a higher authority who will be better trained. If you have a strong case and still want to do business, you should find out who is in charge and talk with them.


USAA has been excellent with me and has very good rates, I am a extremely happy customer!

Take some Good advise, have 1 credit card with a reasonable limit meaning = you can pay it off at any given time unreasonable == it would take years to pay off, build your credit take loans that leave plenty of money left over to spend and invest. Don't put yourself in debt it is up to you and no one else don't accept credit card offers just to save 10% at sears to end up paying 22% on the total debt.

if you cant pay cash you can't afford it plain an simple.

credit card is for emergencies. loans for house and car but not out of your price range, learn about debt to income ratio.

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