My elderly mother, a USAA member, was involved in a traffic collision. As an elderly person she doesn't have access to the internet or a smart phone.

I called USAA to assist her in reporting the collision. USAA encouraged on-line reporting; however, we opted to report over the phone to a USAA call taker for the above reasons. Once the call taker got on the phone she tried encouraging an on-line report and began stating a host of reasons why the report I was about to make was going to be time consuming. I told the call taker I was assisting my elderly mother and she needs USAA's help with the claim.

The call taker asked the same questions repeatedly and questions we would have no possibility of knowing about the other, at fault driver, after 15 minutes I began to get frustrated and expressed I have answered the same question in a series of other questions and that felt this was ridiculous. The call taker began telling me I'm on a recorded line and that I was being rude. I objected, frustrated yes, She insisted I was rude and began ranting and lecturing. I told her lets just move on.

She continued, and I told her she doesn't have to get the last word in, lets just move on. She told me she was going to have to hang up and that I was on a recoded line, I really hope I was, and even more so, I hope someone listens to it because this woman was way out of line. When I asked for her name she hung up. Typical big insurance company.

They want your money, but want you to do all of their work for them on-line, then complain about providing service. I'm a military veteran, as was my father.

When this woman unnecessarily hung up on me she hung up on my elderly mother, the widow of a military veteran. I admit I was frustrated, but nowhere near rude.

User's recommendation: Go with a small local insurance company. No customer service. The call taker's actions are obviously endorsed by the company since she felt so comfortable doing it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Claim.

Preferred solution: Feedback is important to identify opportunities for improvement. This call taker is a poor USAA representative.

USAA Pros: Usaa used to make me feel like they cared.

USAA Cons: Poor customer service.

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