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I was in an accident with a 33 year old child who drove drunk and had a revoked license. She was driving a vehicle under her fathers name (even more sad) and got arrested at the scene, of course, for being an irresponsible imbecile.

I was told by her friend who drove up after being beckoned by her call that "... This is her second time," and her poor father had "...just bought her this car because she was driving drunk in the last accident." A *** shame spoiled brats like that actually exist. I was coming out from a side road and made a full stop at a stop sign. There was no median and there were four lanes in total, two on either side of the road I would be crossing to go on my merry way home.

I looked to my left and looked to my right and saw no one coming. I was turning left. As soon as I pull out into the road, her vehicle hits my rear left side panel. She hit me hard enough to manage to spin my car completely around so that I was now actually looking directly at the road I had just come out from.

She was undoubtedly speeding and I didn't see any headlights. The next few days are my *** on Earth. Their insurance was through USAA with a absolutely pathetic company known as Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company which I think their office is located in a hidden passage that could be found within a Burger King bathroom. The women I spoke to were so uneducated ( I'm a woman so it's not being sexist).

Legit their tactic was to immediately tell you the claim had been closed only 3 days after the accident and that I had been the one to be placed 100% at fault "...for giving my right of way to yield" or somewhere along those lines. I have a clean record besides a single speeding ticket, people. Her name was something like Vanessa that I was speaking to when I was told this. She kept responding to everything in my defense that "It doesn't matter." Of course it wouldn't because it didn't happen to you, but hopefully someone returns those very words right back to you Vanessa, Valery (whatever her name was) when you get into an accident.

So I mentioned I supposed I would have to involve legal action and she said it was "Great!" with that exact sarcastic enthusiasm and then she hung up on me. I had tried to ask to speak to her supervisor and she denied me of that. I wonder why... My claim adjuster was Trisha Calandro (Trish, something like that since they kept giving me different pronunciations of her name so even to this day I still feel like their names are all fake).

She was another fool who I couldn't get a hold of for almost two weeks. I managed to irritate her enough with my voicemails everyday that after attempts of calling, her one day, she had changed the voicemail from her voice to her supervisor saying this, "STOP... Trish [Trisha?] Calandro is currently away from her office... Do not leave a message." ....

Yes do not leave a message. That was how very unprofessional this company is. Mind you, she said she would call me within the next 3 business days after they had called me the day of the accident. I made the phone call instead and that was how my conversation went with Vanessavallery.

Fun fact for anyone who deals with this company, if they have their supervisor leave a message the same as they did me, just wait for the beep at the end and leave a message. So lo and behold *** freezes over and I get a call from Trishtrisha Calandro after nearly two weeks who gives me the pitiful apology along the lines "...I'm sorry I missed your two calls..." More like 20, but none of you have the IQ to have registered double digit numbers. Then I was told that I was put completely at fault. In my defense, she also responded "It doesn't matter."Yes indeed.

I was already fed up and I do not enjoy talking to people on the phone and I especially don't enjoy arguing because I am not very good at it. I basically ended that conversation with a whatever and left it at that.

I had a new car by then because some people actually have to work for a living. I ended up selling my damaged vehicle unfortunately, but the good outcome of it all was the person I sold the vehicle to worked at a auto repair shop and she needed a car so there was a positive side to all that ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

USAA Cons: Overall business, Clueless operators, Lack of intelligence.

  • Unacceptable Business Practice
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Seriously you have issues like this you get a lawyer. SMH.


USAA Garrison Property Casualty Insurance paid the defense attorneys on my personal injury lawsuit hundreds of thousands of dollars and their IME's tens of thousands of dollars on a renter's insurance policy that my assailant had. I was forced, threatened, coerced and deceive out of justice by all the attorneys involved.

The destroyed my justice and the documents that I found of USAA's were altered. USAA told me to report this fraud to their fraud fax line and then it was given back to Garrison's attorney. I'm still not helped.

The attorney that was stealing from me, with the defense attorneys, didn't pay her taxes and was in massive federal and state tax lien debt. I have been victim to white collar crimes.


For future reference. It depends on state law...

Despite what some of these *** are saying. Only a few liberal states like California will blame the one struck when the other person is driving in the evening without headlights and speeding. She was arrested for DUI as well as speeding so in many states they would have declared the DUI driver at being 100% at fault or in some cases 50%. Despite the ignorant blowhard's comments when driving in dusk or night time it's not easy to see someone coming at you when they're driving lights out and speeding.

In most states, if the police report states person was arrested for speeding, driving without headlights, and driving while under the influence that would trump any witness and it would be a not at fault for you. it would only be a worst-case scenario of 50/50 if you couldn't get a copy of police report but by law, they're supposed to give if asked.

Heads up for future reference. This insurance carrier and the employees you spoke with should be reported to your states insurance commissioner.


The reason I said "unhelpful" is that while your story is tragic, no insurance company is even able to assign liability to this person, as they had the right of way. It may seem unfair but given the facts and that she was able to hit you so hard, you would have had to prove that she had no headlights on (which is impossible).

The law is cut and dry, and there is no other ins.

company that would have been able to assign the blame to her. Even if she was proven to have been drinking and regardless of her history with drinking and driving, the way in which you were struck, she had the right of way unfortunately.


You are at fault 100%. Her being drunk or speeding has nothing to do with anything.

When you are turning onto a road its you who must yield to oncoming traffic. Oncoming traffic should not have to slam on their brakes to avoid you. The fact that you admit she was speeding is even worse you literally just admitted that you pulled out in front of oncoming speeding traffic. Also you could have filed a claim against your own company if you were at fault.

Seeing as you said it was a brand new vehicle you would have been required to carry comp and collision coverage. This is either a bogus report or you are completely unaware of basic traffic laws. Heres the claim in a nutshell....you pulled out in front of oncoming traffic and failed to yield right of way. You are at fault and her being drunk or speeding has nothing to do with it.

Had you not pulled out in front of her she wouldnt have hit. you.


Sounds like you need evidence that the accident was her fault. Might be a big problem.


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