USAA gave me the same song and dance about bankruptcy. They said because I crossed state lines (go figure, you have to MOVE in the military!) they were terminating my policy, and I was told I had two weeks to find a new policy.

Nevermind the fact I have been a USAA member for over 10 years. Ironically, they told me the same thing, that "the supervisor was in a meeting." It took over 24 hours for that "supervisor" to call me back, and she informed me that I need to just deal with it, it's USAA's policy. I cannot understand why they are just going to dump a long-standing customer because I have to PCS. With that kind of customer service, I happily switched to Allstate and got more policy for less than I payed USAA.

Best of luck with pushing your inquiry higher; I will never recommend USAA to anyone if asked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Claim.

Location: Wichita, Kansas

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I was a USAA member for over 40 years and found them to be deceptive, to lie and contradict themselves. I am sorry but I have had a bad experience with them.


To the gentleman who changed to Allstate, "Good Luck". I was walking through a Sears store one day when an Allstate sales rep stopped me and inquired about my insureance carrier.

I told him I had USAA and he said "Never mind, I cannot compete with them. I have been with USAA for 44 years, and will never change. They insured my children when they couldn't afford insurance anywhre else.

This is my company. Love it or leave it, I don't really care.


I came to this site by typing in USAA complaint. I notice people here that want to defend USAA.

Since when did a person that was happy with the service they got from a company visit a complaint site?

You are ghost writers and liars that get "paid" by USAA to do damage control. USAA does NOT take care of the military.


Major Ivy you are a ***. USAA was started by officers and now another officer wants to defend them.

USAA does not take care of our military. They almost demand that all business you have with them be set up by automatic withdrawal from "YOUR" checking account. It is *** to give "any" company the right to withdrawal money from your account. You loose control of your own money when you do this.

USAA does not want to pay out on anything. I had wind damage to my home from tornadoes and to this day I have not been able to get my roof fix, due to waiting and waiting, and waiting some more on USAA. So Major Ivy you "don't want to pay for my mistake".. When did it become my mistake when a tornado touched down in my housing area?

When is it somebody else mistake when they have any damage to a home? That is why you buy home insurance you ***. :?

Now on the original comment about USAA and Bankruptcy. If you ever have to file bankruptcy you are better off walking away from USAA all together.


Am going through something with them as well. One of their adjustors let us stay in water damage and flood for 5 days and now they do not want to pay damages.

They are stalling on payments. Any suggestions.


My policy is great. I love USAA.They care about me and my situation and just like the military they go by the rules.

Come on people you know they are right. USAA is a member owned company. I'm sorry but i dont want to pay for your mistakes.

So yeah go to Geico so my refund check can get bigger because of less claims. And PS you get more discount because there fee's are higher.


I too was upset with USAA after we got our renewal policy. It was going up again!!

The last 6 month policy in October 2008 had nearly doubled already due to our 16 year old son getting his license. I can see that. our premium for 6 months was $1400 for three vehicles all full coverage and our teenage driver. now they want $1703 for the new premium.

Nothing has changed, our deductables were at the highest ($1000) we have had no tickets, no accidents no nothing!! That is a huge increase! The rep on the phone told me it depends on your state and in our state there are a lot of accidents and occurances. So we are punished for others mistakes?

He also stated that USAA has to keep up its business by increasing the rates. I gave Geico a call and for the sames coverages we are now paying $1330 every 6 months, same coverages as we had with USAA. Very big difference. We were with geico a few years back then went to usaa.

Well geico is cheaper and I was told our premium wont go up unless of course we have accidents or traffic convictions. I do no reccommend usaa, go for Geico especially if you are military retired military or government worker, they give more discounts!!

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