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My dad was an officer in the u.s. army.

Was insured by usaa from 16-28. Very Near fatal car crash in maryville, tn. Unconscious for 45 mins. No cat scan, xray or treatment, left to sleep in the grass outside hospital.

Rear end collision 9-11, involving a muslim. Ruptured several discs in my neck. No treatment, muslim sued me, recieved no compensation for personal injury.

Have been stalked in the tampa florida area by muslims again, where usaa is headquartered. Has ruined my health dont go with this carrier unless you are looking to be wounded for life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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What does "it involves a Muslim" have to do with anything? Your incoherent, race based rant does not belong here.

Seek help from the hospital patient advocate or the agency that licenses your hospital/medical facility. I hope you get it.


Too crazy to credit. Hospital treatment has nothing to do with USAA.

Where to go with this? Not sure from this rant.


Why are u taking this crap? Bring it to the attention of your state governor and veteran advocacy groups and or president of country.Why do you think USAA is involved in this unless you can prove that their employees are abusing policies/after you?Its like blaming McDonalds for being there.

Don't let paranoia take over. Obviously you need to SUE the hospital/car crash guy instead of taking victim counts.The other hand word travels fast as well.

Please be careful of the area as extremist can arise. This is y some have fled the country yet they have allowed some of the trash in the USA that others have sought to get away from due to persecution from the countrymen.

to SardonicCoyote #1495099

Please get your veteran advocacy watchdog groups involved. I have never heard of this issue with USSAA. It sounds like you keep running into incedents with the countryMEN and not a VETERAN agency.Don't allow paranoia for bad judgment.

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