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Same thing happened to me with USAA....We just moved to Montana...I was told that I would not be able to renew my policy because of a Bankruptcy three years ago....Makes not sense because I have changed the policy before and had no problems. I am very dissappointed and plan on elevating this higher.

Oh I was told that a supervisor was in a meeting and he would call me back in 15 min....it has been over 30!!!! USAA is starting to suck in my mind. If I can not get this resolved I may get a lawyer and go that route.

For a company that markents themselves to military they sure are slipping.

Location: Great Falls, Montana

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They market to the military because they are leaches. Consider the best intentions of any company who makes their living off of service members.

They like these customers for the same reason any greedy organization loves the military, guaranteed paychecks. It is a god forsaken awful company, sorry and their customer service to us has been dreadful. Some people love them, we did too, until we actually needed them and then their true colors came through. We have been loyal for over 10 years, only filed two insurance claims and were put through *** each time.

They paid one and denied the other, even though they were minor claims. We have three (3) homeowners policies through them and two (2) vehicles. Our combined claims in over ten years has been less than $10,000. They denied us for one claim because the adjuster could not find the little code for the extra inclusion which we had paid for and after 4 months, calling them 3 times per week, going all the way up the chain of command, a top manager read the policy and said "oh yes, you do have coverage for that, sorry we overlooked it".

And now we have filed a homeowners claim for copper vandalism, despite the fact that it was owner occupied, under serious renovation or construction, they claim that because there is no furniture in the house and no renter in place as it is a 'renters policy' it is considered 'vacant' according to their understanding of the term, their definition of which they will not share with you.

So if you have a rental house and it sits empty for longer than 60 days and you think you have the peace of mind that you are covered against vandals, YOU ARE NOT. Even though our house was not vacant, they still claimed it as such and refused to pay.


USAA is a profit making company some of the thing they do are in order to make money or retain it. As a customer, if they act in a way you do not like and don't feel that you have gotten proper redress then it is your choice to bank somewhere else.

I have had great service for the most part from USAA. I have had some issues with their mortgage department and have been thinking about a change.


I got into an accident in my girlfriends car, in which she was in the passengers seat and I was driving. She has USAA and while the accident was the fault of the guy who hit us, we were both injured and carted off by the meat wagons (ever seen a dented steering wheel cause your face went into it?)

At first, I thought USAA was on the ball because they immediately paid the remaining balance on my girlfriends Explorer and for a rental car. They seemed friendly and like they genuinely wanted to help... then I filed for PIP.

This accident happened in early Nov of 2010, and as you can tell by the time stamp, it is almost March of 2011. All this waiting for a measly $2500. I proved my bills to them as the initial ER bills were 13K. They just continued to drag their feet as they waited on some record to arrive in their office which I personally had to chase down and have delivered to them. Now the claim is off to some mythical auditing dept. where it will be for another 10 days. And I've been assured that is the time frame for a "rush" job.

This company is great to the members, but horrible to anyone who isn't one. They should be ashamed of themselves. I spilled a lot of blood in a lot of mud for this country, which they claim to serve, and this is how they show it?

If I knew the CEO of this particular establishment, I would PT him til he expired, then call in a Corpsman to revive and do it again. This company is ridiculously ludicrous.


USAA changed their bankruptcy rules in 2009. Now you can retain your policies when you move; they actually softened up quite a bit as far as how they do business since new CEO took the job.

I love their bank. Yes, you need a line of credit to be able to use deposit at home since money is available right away and they want to make sure that if your check that you're scanning is no good, they have a way to get that money; it's normal-they're bank and have to make sure they stay in business. You don't have to use that credit card (it has no annual fee anyway), you can just open it and that will open the door for deposit at home.I love their bank, never any fees in my checking, just cash rewards that I earn by just using my debit card.Checks are free too.I love it. No other company will do what they do for their customers and Gary Mears is right :) if you are having problems with this amazing company then something is wrong with you, not with them.Definately, check your people skills!

Great comment, Gary! Ha-ha-ha. They are business.

They provide services for which you have to pay! If you pay your bills on time and follow the rules and nice to everybody the same will happen with you.


We've had it with USAA Homeowners Insurance. Our mortgage is set up as an automatic monthly debit from our banking account.

This month, my husband checks our bank account and notices that USAA took out an additional $140 a month for the mortgage. We call USAA to find out what is going on. USAA Mortgage (which by the way is really GMAC as we come to find out) tells us that for the last 2 years that we have had the mortgage on our home, they have been collecting less than what they should have been for our yearly homeowners insurance premiums. When I say less than, I mean $946.18 less than for the last two years.

The said this happened because at the time we bought the house, the homeowners insurance was estimated not actual. In the meantime, the difference between the actual and the estimated amount has been adding up over the last two years. For two years, the mortgage company has not caught this. How this happens makes no sense at all to us.

Anyways, to recoup their mistake, they are back billing an additional $140 dollars a month for their 2 year error. This is ***. An extra $140 a month is a like having a whole extra bill to pay. After complaining on the phone to USAA Mortgage....errrr GMAC, we ask if this can be spread out over a longer period of time since we really can't afford the extra $140 a month.

They said they can spread it out over 24 months. By the way, they never even offered to do this until we asked if it's possible to do so. And this was their *** fault to begin with!! My husband tells them that we want it spread out over a longer period since it is their mess.

They say no. We say we want to talk with a supervisor. Of course it's Saturday and they say that they don't have a supervisor available until Monday. Fine, whatever.

Call us back then. The bottom line is this... we should have been called from the very beginning when the amount of the homeowners insurance premium was adjusted to reflect the actual not estimated amount. We would have shopped around to find another company that would give us a better rate.

Now, we are stuck with paying back their mistake at a tune of $140 dollars a month, totally 946.18. If we knew the insurance premium was going to cost us this much, we would have NEVER went with USAA. What a joke!! Now we are looking for another company to handle our Homeowners Insurance.

And we are just going to refinance to go with another company period. Be warned!!!

USAA is dishonest. :(


I agree 1000%.


Just a FYI, USAA isnt this huge company that insures all these policies on their own. They have relations with insurance companies in every state that allow them to give their members some of the best rates due to the fact that they are military and typically are more trustworthy then the average Joe.

Now every state has their own guidelines on insurance and what they will and wont cover as well as the companies USAA use to obtain there policies have their own guidelines as well.

So if your policy is cancelled it really isnt due to USAA its due to the insurance company they obtain your policy through and typically if this company is not willing to renew your policy it is probably for a reason that most insurance company in your state wont do either! And if you can find a company locally that will insure you your premium will probably reflect it.


Just found out that I can't use the much touted Deposit@***e feature with USAA UNLESS I have a credit card or a loan through them. SO unless I'm paying interest (thereby negating any FREE banking), I can mail in my deposits.

I will be seeking another bank immediately. I don't have a credit card for a reason.

Just look at the financial mishap that is Wall Street. I'll be damned if I pay for the gov't's "No Banker Left Behind" ploy.


Wife was seriously injured after a major rear ended car crash. Filed UIM claim months ago. USAA has intentionally delayed the claim for months. They claim they have to review the MRI Films.

The MRI Films were provided to them nearly 3 months ago and Mr. Berry and Miss Doherty at USAA claims still have not had them reviewed as required.

They claim they can take as much time as they want and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Because of my wife's injuries she designated me to represent her. USAA found out I was a totally disabled Gulf War Veteran and has used these delay tactics to take advantage of the situation.

I have filed complaints with the Insurance Board and Attorney General's Office. Will file with the BBB soon. USAA thinks they are above the laws in this state and have done nothing but embarrass their membership by such unprofessional business tactics.


Oh so you the old guy must have been the one on the phone when the call was made.....got a love a Monday morning quarterback.....USAA is messing up.....just because they have done you right doesn't make it better.


I've been a USAA customer since 1967 when I was comissioned a Second Lieutenant in Army Intelligence. Their service is second to none.

They have the best rates for credit cards, austo insurance, homeowners insurance, personal property insurance and life insurance. Also, you can't beat their IRA rates. Furthermore, they refund some of your premiums through their subscriber's savings account.

They do not outsource their customer service calls and are without a doubt the mose friendly and responsive of any company I have ever conducted business with in my 66 years. If you ever encountered a problem with USAA you should check your people skills before complaining.


I would recommend checking with the state of Montana, it could be that their bankruptcy laws are different then the previous location. It is probably not the insurance companies fault, they have to follow each states insurance requirements.

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