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Recently I was involved in an accident where upon approaching a light another driver who was stopped behind a much larger vehicle pulled out at the last minute in front of my vehicle so he would not have to wait in line behind other stopped vehicles at a light. Photographs of my car clearly indicate he struck me in the side front side corner panel of my car, damaging the frame and totalling my car.

I was driving a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer, a very low car, and he was driving an older model Ford pickup, the kind with the heavy duty metal bumper. He stopped twenty feet from me where I could clearly see almost no damage to his vehicle at all. I was given a ticket for 'careless driving'. A ticket has to be issued for fault to be made in the state of Florida, and standard policy seems to be automatic fault is placed on the vehicle that appears to rear end another.

I had the presence of mind to get pictures of my car despite what I later learned was a cracked sternum. The photos clearly show the initial impact zone on the side and not the front of my car. The other driver stated at the scene of the accident he pulled into my lane. I sent my photos to USAA, but was told by a claim representative my photos and the accident report 'don't match up'.

Don't match up?! I didn't know how to respond to that as I don't own another Lancer, and reading the accident report, it was vague and impossible to derive a positive assessment from it. I was informed USAA was unwilling to await the court date for me to argue the ticket. According to the adjuster damage was only to the bumper of the truck, but due to the age of the truck it was going to be 'totalled'...for $4,500.

This mind you against my wishes as I am hiring an attorney because I do not feel I am at fault, and I expressly made it clear to USAA I was doing this. Today I believe I accidentally received the title of the other driver's former vehicle, and it is very clear it was sold back the driver's father!

I am very upset at how this was handled, very unhappy with how accident claims related to me in general as they would not keep me informed as to what was taking place, and to me this feels like fraud with a relative clearly purchasing the truck back. I will be going to court and if the judge agrees with my point of view, I'll be suing the other driver.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hit from behind your good. Other than that it’s your fault


You will also have to go to court to have the ticket dismissed. That seems absurd that they ticketed you. Get going.

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