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I decided to swith to USAA since I am prior service since I heard alot of good things about the company and they seemed like they cared about their customers. Everything seemed well. That is until i actually had to use my insurance. I was in a motor accident at 55 miles per hour at 10 pm at night. A deer jumped in front of me on the highway and was right in front of me. I had little time to react. It was a terrible situation that went worse when i panic swerved before I had time to actually process what was going on.

Long story short I ended up slamming into a electric pole. There was nothing left of the electric pole. Air bags deployed my truck is mangled but at this point I am happy to be alive. An ambulance came and checked me out and said to keep an eye on everything and make sure the pain does not get any worse. My truck was towed away and I filed a claim with USAA the following day. They reassured me not to worry I am in good hands.

A couple days passed and USAA told me before I go to the doctor or hospital to give them a call first. That saturday the pain in my ribs was so bad that I had to go to the hospital. However before I could go in I had to call my insurance as they stated or it may not be covered. In extreme pain I called them and went through the terrible process they implemented before I could be seen and was told a agent would call me on monday. A week passed and still they never called to see how I was. Clearly they do not care.

I requested to be available during the inspection and was told I would recieve a call. However 4 days later I recieved a email stating the vehicle was done and they are doing a front frame sectioning on my truck even though there is visible damage on the frame elsewhere and they are leaving it anyway. They tell me it was a minor accident. My entire front end of my truck is gone. The drive train components are all messed up and the appraiser they sent out didnt even know what he was doing. After all he is a paintless dent repairman, it even said this on his appraisal. Also he said he requested to have roughly 3 ft of frame cut from the truck and replaced. I explained to him that this is not what he requested for in his appraisal he sent me. He argued it is. I showed him the part number as well as the part from general motors website and he said wait a moment and walked into the bodyshop for half an hour. He finally returned only to say he was wrong. Earlier before this he said this is a all new procedure. Before this procedure they just replaced the entire frame. Now that he was caught in a lie he said they used to replace 3 to 4 ft of frame but now its like 13 inches of frame they replace.

I explained my concerns about safety and he just did not care. He refused to have any heart at all. I even showed him the tear in the frame that would be left unfixed and he said oh that is nothing to worry about at all. I explain how a frame sectioning can change the deployment of the airbag and he continued with this procedure would not be in place if GM did not recommend it. Again general motors recommends this for minor fender benders. Their instructions are to cut away the bad part of the frame. However i have about 3 feet of bad frame. The sectioning is roughly 12 inches of frame. The appraiser USAA sent to represent them did not care one bit.

He finally told me he would be right back and he would see what he could do. After a little more than an hour and him not coming back i walked to the front of the building and noticed his vehicle was gone. I then searched online for Doss and Associates which is him, one man only to find out he has a one star and no positive reviews. I see why. I called him and asked if he was still there and he said no he had something come up and had to leave. Just like that he left me outside waiting for over an hour. I asked what he was going to do about the tear in the frame and he said nothing. His recommendation will not change.

I asked about the integrity of the frame and was told over and over it will be back to pre accident condtion. However they are cutting a section out and making 2 new welds in the frame. They left a tear in the frame and multiple cracks in the back which he told me my accident free truck had preexisting. He was rude and when I asked what I should do if I let them fix it and in the future get into a accident and my airbag does not deploy on time. I am told to file a lawsuit with the shop who does the work and it is their fault not his. I asked what if I am killed in the accident due to the airbag not deploying at the right time and he says well then a family member will have to file a lawsuit. These are the companys USAA hire to represent them.

Also on the phone with USAA has been a total nightmare. They never have someone who can actually do something. I have been told for over a week i would get 4 different calls. However, I didnt get a single call until I told USAA the injury specialist never called me a week ago and threatened legal action. I received a call within 30 minutes.

My truck is not safe and will not be safe and USAA does not care. All they care about is staying profitable even if it means doing a terrible job fixing customers vehicles and not making them safe. They would rather lose a small percent of their customers due to deaths from their negligence and refusal to return a vehicle to pre existing accident condition and save money putting customers back into unsafe vehicles. I wish I had never switched to this terrible company and I warn you all. Call reps are rude. They hang up on you. They say you will get a phone call just to get you off the phone. They have no real abilities to help you at all and ignore the estimates of other body shops.

They claim my truck was invlolved in a minor accident by the way. Picture is below. Also there is tons of damage underneath that has not been put into their estimate either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

USAA Pros: Them before i had to actually use them.

USAA Cons: Customer service, Anything about customer service, No resolution to my problem with the company, No one calling me back.

  • Does Not Care About Safety
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"They reassured me not to worry I am in good hands." You misunderstood. That phrase was Allstate, not USAA. Best to find better insurance for your needs, as I am sure you are aware.